My name is Aayush Kaushik. I am from Muzaffarpur, Bihar. I have done my graduation from Mumbai University. I have been investing in stock market since I was in class 8. To pursue this interest further, I did my bachelor’s in financial markets. During my second year in graduation, I, with my friends, started a new venture in aviation sector The start-up was about aviation related merchandise and other stuff. The venture was named 'The Aviators' and was launched in April 2019.The idea to launch this venture came to me after having observed the aviation world as an aviation blogger and photographer since 2013 wherein I had observed the high demand for aviation merchandise amongst the young generation. The venture had a very successful start and we partnered with many airlines for sale of aviation merchandise. However, the venture suffered some setback during the COVID times. Notwithstanding the COVID related setback, 'The Aviators' is now flourishing and we are in talks with few investors to further expand the enterprise. In September 2020, whilst on an emergency trip during COVID lockdown, I faced difficulty in booking cars and hotels as the available choices left much to be desired. I, then, decided to plan and launch another business which would be related to hospitality and traveling. This is how the idea for 'Travlo' came about and the venture was launched on 31 Dec 20. The main goal of this company is to provide economical cabs, flights and hotels pan India. Towards this, we have started to tie up with three-to-four-star hotels and cab aggregators. The response, after the unofficial launch on WhatsApp and other social media platforms, was overwhelming. Considering the good response, we added Economical holiday packages to our products in Mar 21. As of now this business is in planning stage of incubation at IMI Bhubaneswar incubation foundation.