The Research Wing undertakes various activities over the academic year to inculcate research orientation amongst the faculty and student of the Institute. Some of the activities are listed below:

Research Seminars

It is said that “Alone We are Smart, Together We are Brilliant (Steven Anderson, Educator)”. IMI Bhubaneswar believes in this search for excellence and recognizes the fact that all of can gain through knowledge shared amongst us. In this context IMI Bhubaneswar has started a Monthly Research Seminar amongst faculty members of IMI Bhubaneswar. The faculty members present past or current research and receive feedback from their colleagues. It also provides colleagues and faculty members to think differentially and open up new vistas for applying techniques.Faculty members from other institutes are welcome to attend these research seminars. In case you are interested please contact us at

The first Research Seminar was held at IMI Bhubaneswar on 22nd November 2017 at IMI Bhubaneswar. The presenters at the seminar were IMI Professors:
Prof. Devesh Baid, Associate Professor, Finance, IMI Bhubaneswar
Presented on: A study of MCS, Teachers Satisfaction, Teachers Stress and Role of Participative Decision Making
Prof. Supriti Mishra, Associate Professor, Strategy, IMI Bhubaneswar
Presented on: What drives CSR in Indian Industries

The second Research Seminar was held at IMI Bhubaneswar on 19th January 2018 at IMI Bhubaneswar. The presenters at the seminar were IMI Professors:
Prof. Rahul Gupta Choudhury, Associate Professor, Marketing IMI Bhubaneswar
Presented on: Contextual Factors, Strategy and Marketing Mix Decisions of Firm.
Prof. Santanu Das, Associate Professor, Finance, IMI Bhubaneswar
Presented on: Modelling Volatility and conditional dependence of crude oil, oil substitutes and market using Copula – GARCH approach.

The third Research Seminar was held at IMI Bhubaneswar on 26th March 2018 at IMI Bhubaneswar. The presenter at the seminar was IMI Professor:
Prof. Rohit Vishal Kumar, Associate Professor,Marketing IMI Bhubaneswar
Presented on: Rethinking Marketing Management Pedagogy: An alumni Opinion Bases Study.

The fourth Research Seminar was held at IMI Bhubaneswar on 12th April 2018. The Presenter at the seminar was IMI Professor:
Prof. Sourabh Sharma, Associate Professor – Information Systems, IMI Bhubaneswar
The Seminar was presented using online learning platform “TruConf”.
Presented on - Competency Evaluation for Social Media Usage: A Comparative Study of Male and Female.

The fifth Research Seminar was held at IMI Bhubaneswar on 24th July 2018. The Presenter at the seminar was IMI Professor:
Prof. Arun Kr. Rath, Professor – Strategy and General Management, IMI Bhubaneswar
Presented on – India and Antarctica: Geo Political Implications

Research Workshop

The Institute conducts a number of Research Workshops to enhance research skills amongst faculty members – not only for IMI Bhubaneswar but also for researchers and faculties across institutions. Some of these workshops are offered as Management Development Programs and as Faculty Development Programs; where as some of them are offered gratis to the world at large.

Focus of these research workshops include development of research skills, usage of analytical softwares, Strategies for getting published in Quality Research Journals, Strategies for developing Research Networks etc. Please see our MDP Calendar for a detailed list.The latest in the series was a Faculty Development Program on “Structural Equation Modelling for Research” which was conducted by Prof. Manit Mishra, Associate Professor, IMI Bhubaneswar on 23-24 September 2016.

Software Skill Development

Research, in today’s world, requires an immense knowledge of analytical and other softwares. The Research Wing at IMI Bhubaneswar focusses on providing software skills to the researchers. Some of the softwares which are regularly used at IMI Bhubaneswar are listed below:

SPSS is a software package used for statistical analysis. Long produced by SPSS Inc., it was acquired by IBM in 2009. The current versions (2015) are officially named IBM SPSS Statistics. SPSS is a widely used program for statistical analysis in social science. It is also used by market researchers, health researchers, survey companies, government, education researchers, marketing organizations, data miners and others. In addition to statistical analysis, data management documentation are features of the software.

IBM SPSS Amos allows researchers to build attitudinal and behavioral models that reflect complex relationships. The software Provides structural equation modeling (SEM)—that is easy to use and allows researcher to easily compare, confirm and refine models. Researchers can use Bayesian analysis—to improve estimates of model parameters.

EViews is a statistical package, used mainly for time-series oriented econometric analysis. It is developed by Quantitative Micro Software (QMS), now a part of IHS. The current version of EViews is 9.0, released in March 2015. EViews can be used for general statistical analysis and econometric analyses, such as cross-section and panel data analysis and time series estimation and forecasting.

Prowess is a database of large and medium Indian firms. It contains detailed information on over 26,000 firms. These comprise of all companies traded on India's major stock exchanges and several others including public sector enterprises. Prowess provides detailed information on each company covering 1,500 data items and ratios per company. The total income of all companies in the Prowess database is about 78 per cent of India's GDP.


The ACE-Equity database provides access to financial information of more than 38,000 Indian companies. This includes Historical Financials & Share Price Data of over 15 Years, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash flows, Annual reports, Business Activity classifications, Data on IPO, Data on F&O, FII Investments, and Global indices etc.


Besides the commercial softwares – IMI Bhubaneswar also believes in promoting open source software and uses the following on a regular basis


IMI Bhubaneswar is fully equipped to transfer the software knowledge to other researchers. If you or your institution are interested please contact us for a customized quote.