“Management is nothing more than motivating other people.” Keeping this in mind the Insignia Club (HR Club) of IMI Bhubaneshwar organized an online event on the 26th of January,2022 so that the students could take a break from their monotonous schedule. The event was conducted online through Zoom. There were two rounds and participants were divided into groups. The first round was the elimination round where an online quiz was conducted. After this round top 5 teams were shortlisted for the next round which was named as the Role Play round. Before the second round started, the teams were given different situations and they had to enact them and come to a suitable solution to address the issue situation. They were given a time limit of 5 minutes. It was nip and tuck as to who would win the roleplay round. In the end, Akash Chowdhury and Krishnakali Jana were declared as the winners, and Prashika Jaiswal, Sangyan Sucharita Sahoo, and Ritwik Subuddhi as the runners up. The winners and runners-up were given cash prizes and lucrative coupons and vouchers. The event was a great success and was conducted under the guidance of the Chairperson of the club, Prof. Kapil Pandla, and clearly showed the management skills of the students of IMI Bhubaneshwar.