Raja Jhunjhunwala
Student, PGDM 2015-17

The first thing that intrigued me on reaching Bhubaneswar was the colour of the soil and then I could directly relate it to the buildings which were also the same.

I reached the institute early morning. A room was allotted to me in the hostel. During the course of the day, I faced some minor challenges which were addressed and resolved very promptly. I just loved the professional way the resolutions were implemented to these initial hiccups. My confidence in the entire system went up a few notches. I could already sense that this management institute does know how to manage things. This obviously, gave me a lot of comfort and confidence. I knew I had landed at the right place to learn management.

The next few days made me nostalgic about my home. Nevertheless, within a week I was able to adapt to this place as my new home. Talent hunt show will be another such day which will always go down the memory lane. From volleyball to midnight snacks, from balcony to midnight parties, from hangouts to night strolls, IMI has much to offer. It has been an amazing first week and I ardently look forward to spending the next two years of my time here.