Garba night at IMI Bhubaneswar

Inculcating a sense of culture and unity is the essence of any Indian festival and among them Navratri is a portrait of colour, action, music and togetherness. In order to get an essence of the 9-coloured day of happiness, the Cultural committee of IMI Bhubaneswar organised Garba night with glam and energy on the night of 12th October,2018.

The girls were seen decked up in traditional attires which they carried with style and elegance. Even the boys left no stone unturned in enjoying these celebrations as they danced away to glory on the beats of Garba tracks. Creativity on the part of cultural committee was seen when they made Ravan portraying 10 evil heads: Corruption, Honour Killing, Child Labour, Rape, Pollution, Dowry, Riots, Female infanticide, Mob lynching and human trafficking.
And finally, the day ended with IMI Bhubaneswar’s legacy to lift off sky lanterns. Thus, with their modest weight distributed over such a large surface area the lanterns appear to dance in slow motion over a backdrop of stars with students cherishing that moment.