Guest Talk on Supply Chain Sustainability

A session on “Supply Chain Sustainability” was conducted on August 10, 2018 by invited expert speaker Mr. Rishi Sher Singh, an internationally acclaimed strategic consultant and freelancer in the area of supply chain management. Mr. Rishi with his witty deliberation facilitated the student audience to reimagine the scope of supply chain management as entire ecosystem of the business, rather than mere flow of goods and services. The discussion highlighted how in this highly globalised world sustainable practices of a business directly influence the performance of it’s supply chain. Citing the works of different eminent scholars in the area of supply chain sustainability in general, and the “Triple Bottom Line” theory of John Elkington in particular, he convinced the students that a business model that addresses the needs of people, planet and profit, is rather sustainable. Emphasising the role of automation and artificial intelligence, Mr. Rishi also mentioned about organisations like Fairphone and BodyShop which make products by adopting environment-friendly and ethical practices in their pursuit of profit. The session made the students understand that sustainable profit comes from a business supply chain model that has a positive impact on the economy, ecology and society.