Janmashtami is the birth day of our very own Krishna, Kanha , Laddoo gopal or Kanhaiya....different names by different people but considered as their leader, hero, protector, philosopher, teacher by all. People just go ecstatic even on hearing his name. And the students of IMI are no exception to this. The birthday celebrations of Krishna was in full swing in the IMI campus. The students were too excited to celebrate the birthday of their hero. A hall was beautifully decorated to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Many of the students had kept fast for the whole day on this special occasion. A beautiful palna for Kanha ji was brought and beautifully decorated. The idol of laddoo gopal was given a bath with things like ghee, milk, basil water, honey and curd and then dressed in new clothes. Then the idol was made to sit in in the Palna and aarti was performed by everyone present there. After the aarti everyone made him swing in the jhoola following the age old tradition of Janmashtami. The famous Prasad of Panjiri and laddoo was distributed among the students and other people present over there. The whole hall was echoing with the bhajans of lord Krishna and a whole new set of energy could be seen among the students. There was a positive aura all around with name of Krishna everywhere in the campus.