It was the only Sunday prior to the big league of cult fest PHRONESIS. Just four more days to go and IMI Bhubaneswar was already feeling the heat early morning at 6:00 when the college Bolero drove the IMIghts trouncing the fog to Raahgiri Path Utsav. FLASHMOB - they thought of - a medium to promote the cult fest. After a practice of one whole week, the flash mobbers were ready to rock the street.

The Flashmob was a huge success, with hundreds and hundreds of plebeians cheering comprising of people of almost all age groups.
Finally, the D’Day arrived. It was 25th of February. From the previous night, each and everyone was putting their best to make PHRONESIS a success. The events started sharp at 11:00 am on 25th, with the event ‘One Minute To Fame’ making the lead, followed by ‘Be A Sherlock’ an event where participants were tied and they were ought to find clues to reach a destination. The first team that reached the destination, was announced the winner. Likewise, all the events were executed placidly one by one, namely IPL Bidding, Graffiti, Counter Strike, Unleash with the Flash, Symphony.

At the eventide of the day, when the weather cooled all found the stage to be ready and waiting for the ‘Walk of Fame’ and ‘On the Floor’ event to start. Walk of Fame, an in vogue cultus was performed, where participants from various colleges took part representing fashion in a newly defined way.
Last but not the least, the on the floor event, which was a dance competition of various art and dance forms, was staged. This event was most cheered by the crowd and witnessed maximum participation. This was followed by the Prize Distribution Ceremony, where the director of IMI himself greeted the winners and coupons and vouchers along with certificates were given to the winners and runner up participants.

The entire cult fest came to the edge with a DJ playing bust-a-groove songs and the crowd, baked and blazed to the sound of music.