Students club are the soul of any institute. They provide an outlet and a stage for the creative young minds and heart.

The morning of 22 January ’16 started with utmost zeal and enthusiasm as it was the day of learning, the much awaited day of revival of Marketing Club of IMI Bhubaneswar – Colosseum and Fintellects, the finance club.

Fintellects started with a financial quiz putting the minds to work. The clubs have their plans laid out for future activities.

Colosseum means a large building for entertainment; itself symbolizes the intent of this Marketing Club. The club come forward with a motive of providing a platform for the students to showcase their individual talents as well as their collaborative participation in groups. The sole objective of the club is to make students industry-fit and equip them for the competitive times ahead. And at the same moment add few moments of fun.

The first activity conducted by Colosseum was Business Quiz. The main objective behind the activity was to abreast the students with current affairs and the happenings around the world in the marketing space. The first round of the quiz was a preliminary round consisting of 15 questions based on current scenario. After this round 10 teams proceeded to next round. This round consisted of taglines and jingles of different companies across the world. After that we had a logo identify round played between 7 teams. The last round started with 5 teams fighting to win the quiz.

The event saw an enthusiastic participation from all, while the marketing club promising to come up with a much better event next time.