Scholarships and Stipends

Scholarships and Stipends

1. IMI Bhubaneswar offers limited number of scholarships to the full-time candidates. On successful completion of the coursework, comprehensive examination, thesis proposal defense and on registration as FPM scholar, the student will get a stipend of Rs. 31,000 per month for a period of one year and Rs. 35,000 per month for 2nd and 3 rd years.

2. Stipend will be disbursed at the end of each term of 3 month’s duration. The progress of the student will be reviewed every six months henceforth and the decision regarding the disbursement of incentive for the next six months will be based on the scholar’s performance in the last six months period. The satisfactory/unsatisfactory performance of the candidate in the last six months will be certified by the candidate’s guide.

3. Every six months your performance will be reviewed for the continuation of the fellowship.

4. Apart from the fellowship amount you are also eligible for a contingency grant of Rs. 20,000/- per annum during the 2nd and 3rd year (only after approval of the research proposal) of fellowship to cover incidental expenses like stationery, hardware/software, etc.

5. Students are entitled to get up to an amount of Rs.75,000/- (upper limit) for attending conferences/workshops/summer school during their entire tenure as FPM scholars.

6. Research incentives of Rs. 1,00000/- and Rs. 2,00,000 will be given to FPM Scholar as per accepted papers in A+ and A-STAR categories with IMI-B affiliations, respectively.