The Daily Mundane

Prof. Ritu Singh

Designation- Assistant Professor

Specialization- Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques

Success, especially long-term sustainable success, is rarely the result of one "big score."
And yet, that is how most of us work. We often underestimate the value of small improvements on a daily basis. We spend so much of our time and energy in search of one thing that will make us successful/happy/satisfied.

This is not how success is created. Sustainable success is most of the time not about finding that one new thing that will drastically change the results. Instead, it is a result of consistent actions on the Daily Mundane.
You don’t crack a competitive exam by finding and reading that one book or studying just a night before the exam expecting that only these questions will come in the paper. The success stories of the competitive exams are not born overnight, they are created through continuous and consistent effort in the right direction: The Daily Mundane.
You don’t get fit (read abs) by just going from the keto diet to Paleo to Pure Vegan or by working out the whole day continuously. You get there by exercising regularly and eating healthy: The Daily Mundane.

A good relationship is not built in a day or by a particular action (although in my personal experience, a thoughtful gift goes a long way). A strong relationship is built by loving, caring, saying sorry when you messed up, being thoughtful each and every day: The Daily Mundane.
Assets are not built by finding that one deal worth billions or finding that one stock, it is created by making sure that you spend less than your income and investing that difference: The Daily Mundane.
Nothing exceptional or exciting about that!
But if you are serious about your goals, then identify the core actions to achieve them. Focus on them. Embrace them. Execute them: The Daily Mundane.