Prof. Swayam Sampurna Panigrahi

Specialization : Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques


Drenched in the rain stood she

With eyes swollen and hands still

Crying badly which none could see

She stared the way uphill..


Preoccupied in mundane lives they crossed

Oblivious to the girl alone there...

And she kept marching along the road...

Not bothered for anyone to care...


Eager to find more on this girl

I dared to follow her lead

What went wrong and why at all...

Had she been paying a heed..? 



Stalled she.. to my surprise

Behold! It was a lovely house..

With laughter and joy blooming the place

Smiling she amidst the chaos..


Tears rolled down her cheeks,

Yet forcing a smile on her face..

I thought to myself yes indeed...

It was worth the chase...


Curiosity as a fire growing within

I stealthily followed her moves

While the quest had just begun

It seemed a part that she behooves



She then disappeared into the oblivion,

I thought I lost sight..

To my wonder the mystery girl re-appeared ,

In the neighbour's house other night..



Was she a mystery?

could there be a history...?

A sort of revelation made me wise,

She could be -an angel in disguise...? 



Deep within I thought I knew

NO ..this tale isn't  over....

Till the present I remind myself

There is still a lot  to  Discover...!