Prof. Supriti Mishra

Specialization:Marketing, Strategy and General Management


The warrior in me,

Waging a war with everyone around me

Who violate rules, violate decency,

And those who violate humanity (1).


As I wade through the traffic, am always at war with that auto driver

Who would never be on his track, break traffic rules but glare at me as if I’m the offender,

And that traffic police who would neither control the auto or the bus drivers

Nor the red beacon and star marked car riders,

But will always be after my life to ensure that I pay the fine and never be an offender (2).


And look at that youth who we thought as the demographic dividend,

Merrily listening to loud music in the headphone, zooming past in his bike on the road

And that girl with the hottest fashion statement and fad

Crossing the road with the mobile phone, pressed into her ear, like mad (3).  


I turned into a tourist site to have some fun and peace

Heard from someone, those have become targets for terrorist strikes,

Found loads of people crowding the place spewing out wrappers, bottles and the like,

Thought to myself are these less dangerous than the terrorist strikes?

Good that Corona has freed them from such abuses and misadventures (4).


As I turned to the road, the theatre, the bus stop, the park or the station,

Nowhere the situation was any better

Found myself in the middle of all these as the unwanted, unarmoured warrior

Fighting with enemies who cared least about my war (5).