Treasure seeking has long been a thrilling and adventurous concept. Treasure Hunt is based on the Scavenger Hunt concept, in which participants must locate several objects from a list presented to them.

On November 26th, the Junior Marketing Club of IMI Bhubaneswar hosted a Treasure Hunt event. This event was prepared for first year PGDM students, and every single one of them took part in this thrilling event.

In Treasure Hunt, students worked in small groups to figure out the brand name using the clues provided. The missing clues were scattered over campus, leading the groups to the last clue, which was brand awareness. The game is won by the team that decodes the hint and locates the treasure first.

The turnout for this event was incredible. It was a fun event to watch as well as participate. Additionally, this was the junior Marketing club's inaugural event. Without the support from each and every member of the club, the event would not have been possible. This competition demonstrated the entire batch's true team spirit. It also inspired club members to conduct more such activities in the future.