Debate about quality research in India has become more intense in the recent times than ever before. While universities from countries such as China are barging into the global list of top universities, Indian institutions and universities that were primarily considered as knowledge hub from ancient times are lagging behind. Many of the debates focus on the need for quality research in Indian educational institutions. Even IITs and IIMs who are known for quality teaching and research, after the recent remark of the Education Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal on the quality deterioration in research, have started reviewing their research strength. In an assessment of research capabilities in business schools in India, two professors from the London Business School found poor representation of Indian business schools in the 40 peer-reviewed journals that the Financial Times uses to rank research in MBA schools worldwide. Such debates and findings reiterate the importance of quality research among the academic community.
Quality research by faculty members has multiple benefits.

  1. The classroom delivery of faculty members improves to a great extent by the research inputs.
  2. Quality publication increases acceptance among the academic fraternity.
  3. Quality Research leads to enhancement of the reputation of the Institute

IMI Bhubaneswar strongly believe in the above tenets. It intends to be an Institute of difference not only by excelling in education delivery or creating a beautiful infrastructure for learning; but also by emphasizing on value added activities such as research in the requisite skill set of faculty members and students. It believes that class room input of faculties can be improved manifold when the faculties are engaged in continuous research and similar self-development initiatives. In this endeavor, the institute has set up the Research wing at IMI Bhubaneswar.
The Research wing operates under the supervision of a 3-member committee consisting of faculty members of IMI Bhubaneswar. Prof. Rohit Vishal Kumar, Associate Professor, IMI Bhubaneswar is the current chairperson of the Research Committee. The Research Committee at IMI Bhubaneswar is guided by an Advisory Committee constituting of eminent academicians from various disciplines and institutes – Prof. Ramesh Behl, Director - IMI Bhubaneswar, Dr. Arindam Banik, Director, IMI Kolkata and Editor, Global Business Review, Dr. Damodar Suar, Professor, IIT Kharagpur, and Dr. Padmaja Mishra, Professor, Utkal University. The wing undertakes various activities to foster quality research environment in the Institute.
In order to promote global dissemination of Research – all the faculty members of IMI Bhubaneswar have their profiles on ResearchGate. It provides a platform for the Faculty Members of IMI Bhubaneswar to showcase their research to the world and collaborate with researchers globally. You are welcome to visit the Institute Page at ResearchGate.