Director's Message

Director's Message

Prof. Ramesh Behl

Greetings from IMI Bhubaneswar, 

Established in 2011, IMI Bhubaneswar is a bustling campus setup under the aegis of IMI-Delhi. IMI Bhubaneswar has emerged as fully integrated management institute of higher learning. IMI Bhubaneswar is dedicated to develop socially sensitive and ethical managers with sound knowledge of contemporary management concepts.

IMI is known for diversified activities including teaching, training, research and consulting, which are the four pillars of quality education and IMI Bhubaneswar is built on the power of these four pillars of quality education.

The Institute fosters and nurtures leaders of tomorrow who are capable of making difference in the society. The institution works very closely with the industry and actively seeks the participation of industry leaders in development of course offerings and to take up research in emerging areas. This also helps us to keep our offerings current and relevant as per the needs of the industry. In addition, IMI Bhubaneswar also provides training to their executives and making IMI Bhubaneswar as a hub for their manpower requirement. 

Education at IMI Bhubaneswar is primarily based on three powerful concepts i.e. Creation of Knowledge, Dissemination of knowledge and Application of Knowledge. The batches of PGDM and PGDM-PT students have performed exceedingly well and often crossed unmarked terrain in their journey to create new lives for themselves through hard work and sacrifice, making it easy for the future batches to follow in their footsteps. This was, largely facilitated by faculty of IMI Bhubaneswar, which is an eclectic, learned and committed team of professionals drawn from varied streams of discipline with over two-third of them having industry and/or international recognition.

IMI Bhubaneswar selects the bright individuals to its flagship PGDM program, with diverse backgrounds and determined to offer a participative learning process. IMI is striving to impart efficient professional practices, essential in today's globalized world, and high ethical standards into the students. Our students are involved into multifaceted activities, including developmental & social work in local villages. The strong faculty-student relations at IMI Bhubaneswar have also resulted in evolving and exploring innovative solutions; and develop the students to face ever demanding challenges in professional life.

The institution believes in a well rounded and all-pervasive student experience to maximize learning opportunities. To achieve this, the institution provides the course structure that has been designed to enable the students to hone their managerial skills and get them acquainted with the new developments taking place in the industry. The pedagogical tools applied by the faculty members constantly motivate the students to be innovative, competent and creative. The learning imparted by our highly experienced faculty encourages students to inculcate in them, the values of self-reliance, which stand them in good stead in becoming successful managers and brand ambassadors of their organizations.

Nested in ecologically invigorating ambience, IMI Bhubaneswar epitomizes a modern age “Gurukul”, where talent is nurtured, groomed and launched into corporate world.

I take this opportunity to extend a personal invitation to you to visit IMI Bhubaneswar and experience the shaping of global leaders.