IMI Bhubaneswar organized a Roundtable on “Disruptive Innovation: Revisiting Strategy for Social Development” on 5th December 2017.

The Roundtable was jointly organized by Centre of Excellence for Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility IMI-Bhubaneswar, Centre for Disruptive Innovation & Enterprise, IMI Delhi and Smart Systems and Operations Laboratory, IIT-Kanpur

Prof. Arun K Rath moderated the Roundtable and stressed on the need of revisiting strategy for social development in the context of emerging economy of Odisha by introducing the concept of “Disruptive Innovation”

The distinguished participants included Prof. Debashis Chatterjee Director General-IMI, Prof. Ramesh Behl Director-IMI - Bhubaneswar, Prof. Rajagopal Professor EGADE Business School- Mexico City, Mr. G. Upadhyay Former CMD NALCO, Dr. Bijay Sahoo Chairman, SAI International School, Mr. Rajaram Sathpathy, Ex-Bureau Chief, Times of India, Mr. P C Panigrahi Advisor, Neyvelli Lignite Corporation Ltd, Prof. Deepu Philip, Head of “Smart Systems and Operations Laboratory- IIT Kanpur, Prof. Ashutosh Khanna and faculties from IMI Bhubaneswar and IMI Delhi.

The Roundtable covered broad range of topics such as disruptive innovation in social development, major challenge of technology and the concerns of innovation reaching the masses. Various other critical issues were discussed by the experts which can impact the social development particularly in the emerging economy of Odisha.

Prof. Debashis Chatterjee stressed on the need of conversation and dialogue among all the stakeholders for meaningful social change. Prof. Ramesh Behl emphasized on the need of bringing digital divide as social innovation. Faculty and students of IMI, Bhubaneswar took active part in organizing this off-beat Roundtable in the campus. The event was beamed live on Facebook and was witnessed by students of IMI, Bhubaneswar to understand the nuances of disruptive innovation in the social development.

IMI Bhubaneswar & NHRD organized a Roundtable on “Repositioning HR in Changing Business Scenario” on 2nd December 2016.

Dynamic changes in economic and competitive landscape are forcing the modern-day organizations to explore newer and more sustainable approaches for survival. Management of future has to believe in trust building measures with the workforce rather than relying on arm-twisting measures, either to increase productivity, to reduce & manpower or to tighten their hold on the levels of discipline among the workforce. Industrial Relation scenario of the country is looking up to their HR & IR leaders to design such HR/IR systems and processes which will not only help them navigate through the challenging times but also generate significant business value and strike a balance between interests of management as well labour. Therefore, in today’s global business context, the HR function is increasingly being expected to partner with the business and develop scalable solutions for business problems.

With this HR round table, International Management Institute, Bhubaneswar in association with National HRD Network aims to provide a forum to experts from the corporate, academia, and government to share their expert opinions and insights on Repositioning HR in Changing Business Scenario.

IMI Bhubaneswar organized a CSR Roundtable for Civil Society on 10th May 2012

International Management Institute(IMI), Bhubaneswar conducted a CSR Round Table for Civil Society Organizations in its campus in which noted activists and opinion leaders including Mr. P.K. Sahoo, Mr. Jagadish Pradhan, and Mr. D.K. Roy from leading national and international NGOs such as UNDP, CYSD, SVA, BISWA, OVHA, WOSCA and YCDA participated. The participants discussed their perspectives about the status of CSR in Odisha, relevance of mandatory guidelines of the Government of India and roles and expectations of the civil society towards ensuring a better delivery mechanism of CSR. The discussion in the Round Table was steered by Prof. Supriti Mishra, Professor, IMI Bhubaneswar who tabled her research findings on CSR in the context of including Odisha.

IMI Bhubaneswar organized a Roundtable of CSR Heads on 17th December 2011.

A “Roundtable of CSR Heads” was conducted at IMI Bhubaneswar premises. The participants in the Round Table were CSR and Company Heads from nearly 15 companies operating in Odisha. Mr. S. C. Padhi, Director (HR), MCL, Mr. Joy Verghese, Director (HR) NALCO, Mr. Rajesh Chintak, Chief Resident Executive, Tata Steel, Mr. Sanjay Pattnaik, VP (HR), Vedanta, Mr. Pramod Panda, Head Development Centre, Infosys, Ms. Priya S. Mahapatra, GM (CSR), TCS, Dr. S. Das, GM (HR), PPL, Mr. T. C. Hota, Exec. VP, IMFA, and many other top executives from Essar, CESC, NTPC, PPL, IPICOL, and Tata Power took active participation in the discussion. Mr. T. Ramachandru, IAS, Principal Secretary, Industries Department, Govt. of Odisha was the Chief Guest who inaugurated the event. Mr. C. J. Venugopal, IAS, CMD, IPICOL was the Guest of Honor for the valedictory session. Dr. Supriti Mishra of IMI Bhubaneswar presented her research findings on the status of CSR in the local (Odisha) and national (India) context and invited the participants to share their perspectives on CSR, their strategies, response mechanism to global challenges and mandatory requirements by the government.