Quality Assurance initiatives taken by IQAC at IMI Bhubaneswar
  • Process Manuals
  • IQAC has created process manuals for various activities of the Institute like Admissions, Programme, Examination. Placements, MDPs, Library and Learning Resources, Maintenance of Physical Infrastructure including Hostels and Other Assets. The process manuals and SOPs guide all the activities so that the quality improvements can be easily mapped across all verticals and activities.
  • Admission
Admission data over the years are collated in a centralized system for easy access by various departments for various purposes like AICTE, Rankings and Accreditation.
  • Examination Cell
  • Examination Cell is made independent and al the data related to evaluation and examination are collated in a centralized system accessible only to authorized personnel. The data provides analytical insights on quality improvements of programme delivery over years.
  • Research Data
  • Data on Research publications by the faculty members of the Institute are collated and ept in a centralized system for easy access for various purposes of ranking and accreditations. Also the centralized system offers instant insights on continuous improvements of quantity and quality of research publications
  • SOPs
SOPs are created for smooth execution of all the processes of the Institute.   The SOPs are prepared keeping in mind the vision, mission and values of IMI Bhubaneswar. IQAC ensures quality improvements on a continuous basis with timely intervention in all the processes and activities. The improvement in quality parameters are reflected in the outcome parameters of the Institute.