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November 14-15 2018
2nd India-China Conference news in Media
November 3 -2018
6th Annual Convocation news in Media
February 16-2018 5th Annual Convocation news in Media
February 15-2018 Pre-Convocation News in Media
December 8-9,2017 3rd International Conference in IMI Bhubaneswar with EGADE Business School, Mexico
December 03-16,2017 Faculty Development Programme
November 23,24 & 25,2017 Jazbaa and Phronesis 8.0
August 18-19, 2017 Annual Conference on Banking and Finance
July 07-2017 MOU singed with Vedanta
June 12-2017 7th PGDM batch inauguration
March 4-2017 100% Summer Placements
February 24-25, 2017 JAZBAA and PHRONESIS-2017
December 9-10, 2016 International Conference on Innovation, Market Competition and Economic Development
November 30- December 02, 2016 3 day MDP on “Building Corporate Strategy for Effective CSR”
December 02, 2016 HR Round Table news in Media
November 26-27, 2016 International Conference on India, China and the new World order: Economic, Social and cultural Dimensions news in Media
November 15, 2016 4th Annual Convocation news in Media
November 14, 2016 Pre-Convocation News in Media
September 30, 2016 National level Inter-college Contest- ‘Sparx, 2016’ at IMI-B
September 23-24, 2016 IMI Bhubaneswar organised Faculty Development Programme
September 23, 2016 IMI Bhubaneswar organised Blood donation camp
June 20, 2016 IMI Bhubaneswar inaugurated 6th batch PGDM programme
March 15, 2016 IMI-B holds MDP on Building Corporate Strategy for Effective CSR & Sustainability
February 21, 2016 IMI hosted Annual Fest - PHRONESIS
February 16, 2016 Blood donation camp organised at IMI-B campus
January 27, 2016 Grow-Green Drive at imi-b campus on Republic Day
December 12, 2015 IMI-B signs MOU with EGADE Business School, Mexico
December 11, 2015 IMI-B holds International Conference on 'Global Business Environment'
December 03, 2015 IMI-B holds MDPs on 'Managerial Skills' & 'Applying Psychology to Influence and Persuade Others'
November 23, 2015 IMI-B contributes a boost to Bhubaneswar’s Smart City initiative
October 16, 2015 Third Annual Convocation held at IMI Bhubaneswar
October 13, 2015 IMI Bhubaneswar announces its Third Annual Convocation
September 30, 2015 MDP on Applying Psychology to Influence and Persuade Others
August 22, 2015 National level Inter-college Contest- ‘Sparx, 2015’ at IMI-B
August 03, 2015 Training Programme for Defence Personnel, DGR
June 11, 2015 IMI Bhubaneswar inaugurated 5th batch PGDM programme
May 13, 2015 Communication training programme at IMI Bhubaneswar
March 27, 2015 MDP on Formulating Effective Strategies for CSR, Sustainability and Governance for executives of NTPC
March 19, 2015 MDP on Developing Networking Skills for Executives of Powergrid Corporation of India Ltd.
March 11, 2015 Recognised as one of the Top-10 Emerging Business Colleges in India by Silicon Indian Education in its February 2015 issue
March 10, 2015 IMI Bhubaneswar ranked 8th Best Emerging Business School in Beyond IIMs B-School Survey for Higher Education Review(HER) - March 2015
March 10, 2015 IMI Bhubaneswar in B-School Forum Newsletter, March 2015
March 02, 2015 NHRDN Best Emerging B-Schools 2015
March 02, 2015 HR Round Table on "Emerging Challenges in Employee Relations"
February 25, 2015 IMI, Bhubaneswar recognised as Topmost Promising Institute in East India by Digital Learning
February 21, 2015 Annual Event Phronesis 2015
February 06, 2015 IMI Bhubaneswar organised International Business Research Conference
December 12, 2014 Mega Program on CSR & Sustainability by IMI organised at Bhubaneswar
December 10, 2014 Brand Equity, Intellectual Capital IMI’s Forte: Exclusive interview of Prof Ramesh Behl, Director - IMI, Bhubaneswar
December 9, 2014 MDP on Formulating Effective Strategies for CSR, Sustainability and Governance held at IMI, Bhubaneswar
November 24, 2014 Second Annual Convocation held at IMI Bhubaneswar
November 15, 2014 IMI Bhubaneswar announces Second Annual Convocation
November 13, 2014 IMI Bhubaneswar celebrates Foundation Day with Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan
October 27, 2014 Exclusive interview of Prof. Ramesh Behl, Director-IMI, Bhubaneswar
September 26, 2014 MDP on Developing Networking Skills for Executives of Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd
September 13, 2014 MDP on Formulating Effective Strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
September 11, 2014 IMI-Bhubaneswar inaugurated 2nd batch of PGDM programme for Working Executives
September 9, 2014 MDP on Customer Relationship Management at IMI-Bhubaneswar
August 27, 2014 Corporate Training Program on Enterprise Risk Management to be held at IMI-Bhubaneswar
August 21, 2014 Independence Day celebration at IMI-B campus
August 16, 2014 Plantation Drive at IMI-B Campus on Independence Day
August 10, 2014 DGR training and MDP on Excel Based Business Decision Model programmes
August 8, 2014 DGR training programme in Odisha Diary
 August 5, 2014  Research paper of Prof. Supriti Mishra cited by Business Standard
 July 23, 2014  IMI- Bhubaneswar organised workshop on Leadership Development
July 10, 2014 IMI-Bhubaneswar to setup joint research centre
July 9, 2014 IMI to tie up with CBS, Denmark for research centre in the city
May 20, 2014 MDP on Leadership and Team Building for School Coordinators
April 10, 2014 Emerging B-Schools 2014: IMI Bhubaneswar — People Matters
March 19, 2014 MDP for executives of NTPC Ltd. at IMI Bhubaneswar
March 6, 2014 Empowering employees`
March 1, 2014 An Initiative for Promoting Entrepreneurship & Self Employment among Youth
January 21, 2014 IMI Bhubaneswar holds Annual Festival Phronesis
December 10, 2013 Inter-college sports meet - Jazbaa at IMI Bhubaneswar
October 27, 2013 Blood donation drive at IMI-B
October 27, 2013 MDP on Leadership Development for OHPCL
September 29, 2013 First Annual Convocation held at IMI Bhubaneswar Campus
September 21, 2013 IMI Bhubaneswar represents true meritocracy: Prof Ramesh Behl
(An exclusive interview of The Director-IMIB)
September 12, 2013 IMIB introduced a 3-year PGDM programme for Working Executives
August 29, 2013 IMI-B celebrated SparX 2013
August 22, 2013 Plantation programme at IMI-B
June 28, 2013 Orientation Programme of PGDM 2013-15 Batch
May 30, 2013 Training Programme for CBSE School Principals
May 24, 2013 Study tour of Executive PGDM Foreign Participants
May 24, 2013 IMI to increase focus on Executive Education
May 13, 2013 MDP on Formulating Effective Strategies for CSR
May 06, 2013 Govt ignores own campuses for PSU recruitment
May 01, 2013 IMI ranked 6th in NHRD's Business School Ranking, reinforces its leadership position amongst the leading
April 18-19, 2013 Workshop on Research Methodology
February 21-22, 2013

Seminar on Teachers' Leadership held at IMI

February 13, 2013 Annual Feast - Phronesis
December 26, 2012 Workshop on Multivariate Research held
December 11, 2012 Faculty Development Programme at IMI
November 29, 2012 Odisha plans to hire MBA graduates for state PSUs