Four pillars

Four pillars


  •   The Institute currently offers three AICTE approved programmes –
  •   Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM - Full Time)
  •   Post-Graduate Diploma in Management 
  •   Fellow Programme in Management (FPM)


Very early thought leaders at IMI realized that research plays an important role in teaching learning environment therefor since inception the faculty members have been involved in quality research work. More than 220 publications since beginning of the institution, the faculty members at IMI Bhubaneswar produce around 30 different types of publications every year. Prominent amongst them are Journal Articles, Books, chapter in books etc. The faculty members have written many award winning case studies which are now featured in case repositories across the globe. The average research output of IMI Bhubaneswar faculty is around 2.7 research publication per year which is considered as high in academic world.

To promote research IMI Bhubaneswar facilitates is many ways including research grants, sponsorships to participate in national and international conferences, rewards for publishing in journals etc.

Faculty members at IMI have published their work in journals of high repute like International Journal of Development and Social Research, Global Business Review, Journal of International Consumer Marketing, International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets in International Journal of Organisational Analysis, International Journal of Business Excellence, Psychology & Marketing and many more.


Executive education is one of the key offerings at the International Management Institute, Bhubaneswar. The main focus of executive education through Management Development Programmes (MDP) at IMI-Bhubaneswar is to improve management systems and enable the executives to take on leadership roles. IMI-Bhubaneswar conducts a wide range of MDPs in various functional areas of management. The programmes, conducted by well experienced faculty, are well designed to provide experiential learning to the participants.

IMI Bhubaneswar conducts a variety of executive training and development programmes for all levels of management. These initiatives are based on the needs of the industry and combine concepts with practical inputs to equip participants with cutting edge expertise to help them excel in their roles in their respective organizations and the society at large.

These MDPs are offered in various functional and cross functional managerial disciplines and expose trainees to the global best practices in these areas. The focus of these programmes is to engage participants in a facilitating environment to enable them to open up and learn in a participative setting. Each session is an experience in excellence.


Though IMI, Bhubaneswar is a relatively new institute, yet it has created a mark for itself in various fields including consulting activities. Faculty members of IMI Bhubaneswar are engaged with various multilateral agencies, government agencies and industries as consultants. Our faculty members have been consultants to organizations such as Indian Oil, SAP Inc., FNST (Germany), UNICEF Odisha, Adam Smith Institute (UK), Baird & Associates (Canada), Chennai Radha Engineering Works (CREW) Pvt. Ltd., Tata Steel, Tata Power (New Delhi), NTPC, ONGC, Bharat Electronics Limited (Kotdwar), Baskin Robbins, MTN-Rwanda Cell (Africa), Chemols Infotech Private Limited, and Foundation to Aid Industrial Recovery. They have also worked as consultants to various government agencies and departments including the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industries, Department of IT of the Ministry of Commerce and IT, Ministry of Textiles, and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of the Government of India, and for the Sri Lankan Government.