Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The institute intends to be an institute of difference not only by excelling in education delivery or by boasting of world class infrastructure but by integrating value added activities into the course curriculum. One such attempt is to integrate ‘corporate social responsibility’ in the course curriculum. The institute believes in creating managers with a human face and this is possible only when the ‘to be managers’ understand and appreciate the social realities and work closely with the local community. Towards our commitment to such objectives, the institute undertakes various activities in the field of CSR such as volunteering in NGOs, working with the local community, discussion forums and lectures for knowledge dissemination, exchange of ideas, and sharing best practices related to CSR with various key stakeholders such as the companies, government, civil society organizations and civil society members in and around Orissa.

Over the last one year, the institute has conducted two roundtables on CSR - one for the Corporate/CSR Heads and the second for the NGOs/CSOs, and conducted a lecture by Prof. J.F. Cronje, Director, Bench Marks Centre for CSR School of Social and Government Studies, North West University, South Africa.

Students' activities on CSR are undertaken by exposing students to the local issues and challenges by arranging NGO visits and encouraging them to undertake CSR projects for the local community independently or in association with local NGOs/CSOs. Students have formed a club named "Prayas" to undertake various CSR activities. We believe such learning will make them stand out among the so called elite breed of managers and inculcate a responsible behavior where they can take decisions in a typical business setting. We have made an effort to join hands and make a difference by bringing smiles on the faces. We believe in giving back to the society through various activities. We act as catalysts to make lives better for the ones who are deprived. The club aims to make the planet a better place to live in.

CSR Activities

Roundtable of CSR Heads

A “Roundtable of CSR Heads” was conducted at IMI Bhubaneswar. The participants in the roundtable were CSR and Company Heads from nearly 15 companies operating in Odisha. Mr. S. C. Padhi, Director (HR), MCL, Mr. Joy Verghese, Director (HR) NALCO, Mr. Rajesh Chintak, Chief Resident Executive, Tata Steel, Mr. Sanjay Pattnaik, VP (HR), Vedanta, Mr. Pramod Panda, Head Development Centre, Infosys, Ms. Priya S. Mahapatra, GM (CSR), TCS, Dr. S. Das, GM (HR), PPL, Mr. T. C. Hota, Exec. VP, IMFA, and many other top executives from Essar, CESC, NTPC, PPL, IPICOL, and Tata Power took active participation in the discussion.Mr. T. Ramachandru, IAS, Principal Secretary, Industries Department, Govt. of Odisha was the Chief Guest who inaugurated the event. Mr. C. J. Venugopal, IAS, CMD, IPICOL was the Guest of Honor for the valedictory session. Dr. Supriti Mishra of IMI Bhubaneswar presented her research findings on the status of CSR in the local (Odisha) and national (India) context and invited the participants to share their perspectives on CSR, their strategies, response mechanism to global challenges and mandatory requirements by the government.

CSR Roundtable for Civil Society

The institute conducted a CSR Roundtable for Civil Society Organizations in its campus in which noted activists and opinion leaders including Mr. P.K. Sahoo, Mr. Jagadish Pradhan, and Mr. D.K. Roy from leading national and international NGOs such as UNDP, CYSD, SVA, BISWA, OVHA, WOSCA and YCDA participated.The participants discussed their perspectives about the status of CSR in Odisha, relevance of mandatory guidelines of the Government of India and roles and expectations of the civil society towards ensuring a better delivery mechanism of CSR. The discussion in the Roundtable was steered by Dr. Supriti Mishra, Professor, IMI Bhubaneswar who tabled her research findings on CSR in the context of India including Odisha.

Other CSR Activities

The students undertake CSR activities under the guidance of Dr. Supriti Mishra, with several NGOs and Non-Profit Organizations.