Alumni Testimonial

Bibhu Prasad Rath


"We learn till we die"


Associate Research Manager
PGDM 2012-14

It's a myth that "Things we learn in classroom are never used in practical". IMI-B gives you the platform to use it and pursue your passion in the aspired industry. Some constraints, some apprehensions but lots of

expectations and excitement: My journey at IMI-B started with all these emotions. At the end of two years it was beyond the expectation I had set for myself. "MBA is all about learning": Whether it is inside the class room or outside the classroom through events and various clubs & committee responsibilities (I was involved with cultural, student relation and corporate relation activities).

From everything that I have learnt here, If i have to pick the 3 most important things, then those will be-

"Patience" Confidence" and "Effort".. These may seem very generic but these are some key requirement to get succeed. Now the corporate life at IMRB. Everything that I have learnt in marketing, Consumer Behaviour & MR is being utilised here. Thanks to IMI for the high level of academic focus and quality teaching. The first few days at IMRB has been really great and exciting. But focus has not shifted from learning.. really, "We learn till we die"..