Alumni Testimonial

Jubin Joseph


"Privileged to be a part of the 'IMI Legacy"

Jubin Joseph

Business Consultant
(PGDM 2012-14)

IMI - Bhubaneswar, my Alma-mater holds a special place in my heart. Being the second batch of the newly set-up campus in Bhubaneswar of the iconic management school, IMI-Delhi. It was my privilege to become a part of the building up of the institution's legacy during its inceptive years. Every time, the very mention of IMI - Bhubaneswar inadvertently floods my mind with memories of its sprawling green lawns. The scenic beauty of the campus is simply heartening and fills me with an inexplicable sense of happiness.

I had a very good time at the institution. Learnt a lot from my amazing professors who enthralled me with managerial insights and vast experience they brought in from the industry. I got ample opportunities to incubate entrepreneurial ideas at the campus. I earned a life-time opportunity to learn directly under the Director of my institution, Prof. Ramesh Behl, who is a perfect text-book example of an ideal manager and leader. After passing out from the institution, I am now placed with CapGemini as Business Consultant. The lessons I learnt from IMI now help me immensely in my work.

Nonetheless, my heart will always yearn for those amazing days and insightful sessions I had at my Alma-mater, My IMI. Indeed privileged to be a part of the 'IMI Legacy’!!

With heart filled in numerous emotions, here is a little poem I would like to dedicate to my wonderful alma-mater:

MBA was an accident;

IMI made it a memorable incident...

Its program made me a resident;

And happily again, I became a Student...

Beauty unmatched, its campus was resplendent;

Hallmark of my professors, evident;
And my Director, for me, was provident...

Two years gone, I have grown in knowledge, confident;

And now, I go back home wiser and prudent...!!!

Thank you, IMI…