Alumni speaks


Marketing manager

After my BBA I really needed a powerful program to better groom me in all aspects of business. Like others I was bit apprehensive about IMI-Bhubaneswar as it was a new institute, I was in constant touch with faculty members before the admission and also did look at other options, but the constant encouragement of faculty members of IMI-BH and brand IMI had kept me motivated. Before admission I was informed about the resource sharing from IMI- Delhi, and Yes! IMI-BH kept its promise.

What I loved about IMI-BH  is the quality of education and the sense of responsibility the institute has for its students, it is one of the few institutes  across institutes  which gives its students enough autonomy to perform, as rightly said by my dear friend Navneet, the events preparation,  the  class participation, the corporate  readiness  program,  groomed us, the appreciation encouraged us.

The course pedagogy was excellent, it  is very demanding  so is the corporate world, my two years was full of thrill and excitement, the hostel life was tremendous, I have made some of the best friends, had very loving juniors and tremendous faculty and very caring director. Today I am enjoying a very fast paced life, a very good organization, a very good profile  and very fast growth, thanks to IMI-BH, which had prepared us for a fast moving career, Kudos to the future aspirants.


Sr. Executive
(PGDM 2011-13) 

“With 2 years of prior work experience and stable job, I was a bit apprehensive joining IMI Bhubaneswar. But with the backing of   IMI Delhi, and its long standing association with reputed business houses I have decided to tread this path......... “ 

Being a new Institute it had its own charm. Students had a lot of involvement in organising events, taking new initiatives, undertaking placement related activities and channelizing efforts towards establishing the institute. This also honed our entrepreneurial stills. The methodology of teaching and the domain knowledge of the faculties acted not only as a catalyst in developing a better understanding of the subjects but also helped us to develop a structured approach towards problem solving”

I am sure in time to come the institute will establish itself as “Mecca of Business Education in the country.

 "We learn till we die"


Associate Research Manager
PGDM 2012-14

It's a myth that "Things we learn in classroom are never used in practical". IMI-B gives you the platform to use it and pursue your passion in the aspired industry. Some constraints, some apprehensions but lots of

expectations and excitement: My journey at IMI-B started with all these emotions. At the end of two years it was beyond the expectation I had set for myself. "MBA is all about learning": Whether it is inside the class room or outside the classroom through events and various clubs & committee responsibilities (I was involved with cultural, student relation and corporate relation activities).

From everything that I have learnt here, If i have to pick the 3 most important things, then those will be-

"Patience" Confidence" and "Effort".. These may seem very generic but these are some key requirement to get succeed. Now the corporate life at IMRB. Everything that I have learnt in marketing, Consumer Behaviour & MR is being utilised here. Thanks to IMI for the high level of academic focus and quality teaching. The first few days at IMRB has been really great and exciting. But focus has not shifted from learning.. really, "We learn till we die"..

"Winner at my workplace"

Aastha Bansal
Associate Research Manager
(PGDM 2012-14)

It really gets tough for me to even imagine my pleasure and success without IMI-Bhubaneswar, the place which has nourished me as an individual and helped me to fulfil my aspiration of experiencing and exploring life in every credible way. The first step towards my new journey of entering the Corporate World would not have been so easy without the incredible learning at IMI-Bhubaneswar. The knowledge acquired through books, beyond books, image building, confidence, grooming sessions, all these factors influenced my professional growth in a very positive and effective manner.

Today, I feel like a winner at my workplace. ‘Yes! I did it’ - feeling boosts me every time I accomplish a new task at my workplace. Like white colour contains all the colours of a spectrum, IMI-Bhubaneswar is the place which carries all the colours and essence of developing leaders for tomorrow’s world.  No wonder if more and more work is coming in my ways, thanks to IMI-Bhubaneswar for making me strong and confident welcoming challenges and seeing off them with accomplishments.

The assets that I have gained from here will always remind me of the moments I spent here with ‘fun and learn’ theme, also I am sure with the first step taken at IMI-Bhubaneswar, I will reach at the top of the stairs of success which is no doubt an endless journey and all the knowledge and experience acquired, I am encashing at my workplace in terms of appreciation, respect, self-confidence and above all self-satisfaction. What else a fresher like me will look for?

Today, I miss the beautiful campus with even beautiful souls and the memories so created will remain enchanted beyond any time frame.
My best wishes to everyone who has been associated with my memorable journey in the past 2 years.

I will always remain indebted towards IMI-Bhubaneswar for embedding all the colours of student life in an indelible corporate learning for me.

  "Privileged to be a part of the 'IMI Legacy"

Jubin Joseph

Business Consultant
(PGDM 2012-14)

IMI - Bhubaneswar, my Alma-mater holds a special place in my heart. Being the second batch of the newly set-up campus in Bhubaneswar of the iconic management school, IMI-Delhi. It was my privilege to become a part of the building up of the institution's legacy during its inceptive years. Every time, the very mention of IMI - Bhubaneswar inadvertently floods my mind with memories of its sprawling green lawns. The scenic beauty of the campus is simply heartening and fills me with an inexplicable sense of happiness.

I had a very good time at the institution. Learnt a lot from my amazing professors who enthralled me with managerial insights and vast experience they brought in from the industry. I got ample opportunities to incubate entrepreneurial ideas at the campus. I earned a life-time opportunity to learn directly under the Director of my institution, Prof. Ramesh Behl, who is a perfect text-book example of an ideal manager and leader. After passing out from the institution, I am now placed with CapGemini as Business Consultant. The lessons I learnt from IMI now help me immensely in my work.

Nonetheless, my heart will always yearn for those amazing days and insightful sessions I had at my Alma-mater, My IMI. Indeed privileged to be a part of the 'IMI Legacy’!!

With heart filled in numerous emotions, here is a little poem I would like to dedicate to my wonderful alma-mater:

MBA was an accident;

IMI made it a memorable incident...

Its program made me a resident;

And happily again, I became a Student...

Beauty unmatched, its campus was resplendent;

Hallmark of my professors, evident;
And my Director, for me, was provident...

Two years gone, I have grown in knowledge, confident;

And now, I go back home wiser and prudent...!!!

Thank you, IMI…

 "Glad that IMI happened to me"

Siladitya Sahoo

Assistant Manager - Corporate Marketing
(PGDM 2012-14)

“I came, I saw, I conquered- That's exactly how I feel at this moment! 

When I look back, all that I see is countless moments racing against each other to make me say that I have "lived it up" here. Glad that IMI happened to me. I'm even more glad for the reason that I have earned solid friends for life! Classes bunked yet lessons learnt. As we leave, I can see sulking faces in apprehension of the moment of truth when we part ways. I'd say it is just the end of an episode, beginning of another!”

The aforementioned words were quoted during my last days at International Management Institute, Bhubaneswar. The days that led me to Toyota Tsusho Insurance Broker India Pvt. Ltd. (TTIBI) as an Assistant Manager – Corporate Marketing. I hit the ground on the 1st of April and after 4 months at TTIBI. I realize that I have proved all my decisions taken in the past to be the right ones. The decision to quit my previous role as a Financial Analyst with Northern Trust Corporation, the decision to join IMI as an aspiring graduate, and the decision to take up the Marketing profile at TTIBI were very well taken. And what followed were the processes that led me to where I stand today. There could be two different approaches to your goal. Either you just do as the Romans do or you be a so-called rebel doing it your own way! I chose to be both. I did try to the best of my abilities to perform academically and ensured that I make the most of my last opportunity to be on campus, perhaps. Academics is definitely a pre-requisite to a successful job, but I believe one’s attitude, exposure, the ability to communicate, and the receptiveness to criticism and new ideas, are the pre-requisites of a successful career. I guess I have managed to filter the knowledge imparted by my respected faculty members, the worldly affair by my peers, and the rich experience of the industry honchos to the best of my interests.

Today, my role as a Marketing Manager needs to me interact more with external rather than internal stakeholders. It is practically impossible to have a predefined approach in dealing with clients, especially when you meet a new one each day. To be able to make them give a patient ear to our words, we need to think the way they do, atleast for that moment. I make them listen to me not by force but by the preparedness and presentability. I owe it all to my sub-conscious two-pronged approach for all those months at IMI. I owe it to my informed professors, my diverse set of worthy friends and my ever-encouraging family.

I am a proud product of IMI, my alma mater, and will remain so forever.

 "Endless Opportunities"
Yashraj Behera

Assistant Manager - Corporate Relations
IMI, Bhubaneswar
(PGDM 2012-14)

The first feeling that came when I visited the campus during the Personal Interview was “Oh! magnificent ” and till date I feel the same, the beauty of the campus, the ambience in all together gave me a very fresh felling every day and the interview process thereafter made me realise how tough the course would be and what level of grilling I can expect from the institute for the next two years.

The sessions were very informative and designed to bring the best out of each of us, I could connect the subjects taught in the class room with my past experiences I had with my previous organisation and realised how I can add more values to the organisation where I would work, how I can be more efficient and bring in more effectiveness and what I need to do to enhance my skills and most of all how to manage teams and team members.

Interaction with high profile guest speakers polished my idea about the happenings in industry and what it would take to achieve a very respectable position in the market and made me industry ready. The never ending assignments, the deadlines, surprise quizzes, simultaneous events made me tougher.

The best part of the two year programme were the live projects that were assigned to us in a team from time to time by various organisations of repute, working under the guidance of the industry mentor and faculty members of IMI Bhubaneswar gave a spark to my thought process. I could think and implement ideas, bring various perspectives which gave me an overall knowledge of better managing things that can make difference in the real competitive business world.

I can vouch for this fact that IMI has one of the best campus lives in Bhubaneswar. There are facilities for numerous indoor and outdoor games. If we still get bored we used to stroll its lush green campus. We used to have numerous focused group discussion with the faculties post classes that helped us relate the class room teachings with numerous happening around the world.

The level of energy, world-class faculty, knowledge imparted, and entrepreneurial spirit found here may surprise even students who expect the best. But it is the people — our community — who are most talked about, even by prospective students who visit. Here, you will directly control and shape your experience. Leadership is a direct outcome of the experience.

Everything that gets done here is a result of a student having some involvement in it. So if you want to change it, if you want to do something with your life, if you want to do something to grow the experience, not only for you, or you want to start a company, or whatever it is you want to do that takes initiative — this is the best place to opt for. Everyone will double up on your initiative, everyone will fuel your fire, and everyone will give you all the resources you want to get things done. This experience learning has had an exponential effect on me as I am more prepared to handle the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous challenges that will crop up.

It is truly a holistic learning experience and today, in the real world I feel competent enough, challenges are never ending opportunities for me. 


Anant Ashesh

Assistant Manager - Team Leader Planning & MIS
(PGDM 2012-14)

Imparting knowledge to the next generation has been human nature since time immemorial. Whether the hieroglyphs on the pyramids or later on the development of Latin and then English, man has always passed on his knowledge to the next generation. And through the ages the method of passing on that knowledge has also changed. In today’s education scenario knowledge is being passed on to the students, but how? International Management Institute, Bhubaneswar (IMI-B) is setting a new trend in management education.

When I joined IMI-B, I was a bit apprehensive about the new institute. But ever since the starting of the PGDM programme, I have been experiencing new and innovative methods of teaching. The first orientation activity called for a blind-fold exercise where the students had to guide each other through the campus and in the end they were asked to form a perfect square while still blindfolded. From the very start the students had to trust their batch mates who were guiding them and this created a deep level of trust and understanding between the students. 

But that was just the start of the innovation that I was about to experience. Teaching team work and trust through free-fall exercises, co-ordination through ball room dancing and making the students create live animation videos for a deeper and better understanding of various management concepts. The faculties at IMI-B have gone beyond the normal and are giving the students an experience that no other place could provide. Recently the students were given an assignment to watch the movie - “Take the Lead”. But surprisingly, when they reached the classroom they were greeted by an impromptu salsa class conducted by the OB-HR faculty at IMI-B. The whole class was dedicated to the students taking the centre-stage and learning on how to co-ordinate with people despite having numerous problems. As one of the 2012-14 batch, PGDM students said “I don’t think I would have learned concepts with such clarity had I been attending a regular college.” Another student was heard saying that “I have learned more from the classroom experience than by reading the books. I never thought that was a possibility.”

The best part about the teaching pedagogy of IMI is that the teaching is not restricted to the class timings. I can interact with the professors any time I want. Be it on the cricket field or the TT table, the constant interaction between the teachers and students provides a continuous learning curve. The faculty of IMI imparts knowledge not only through books and notes but also through poems written by them. A poem on the “Chai ki toli” outside of the campus gates was written to explain the concept of servant leadership and how a small chaiwaala who started out on a cycle currently drives a luxury car. The dedication and commitment of the chaiwaala served as an inspiration for the students. It has been a joyride so far for me. And if you ask me, IMI-B is definitely shaping global leaders of tomorrow.