Criteria 2

Criteria 211 Average Enrolment.xlsx
Criteria 212 Average Seats against Reserved Category.xlsx
Criteria 212a Additional Information.docx
Criteria 221 Learning Levels for Slow Fast Learners.docx
Criteria 222 Student Teacher Ratio.xlsx
Criteria 222a Students AY 2020-21.xlsx
Criteria 222b Full Time Teachers AY 2020-21.xlsx
Criteria 222X Students AY 2020-21 with Withdraawn Students.xlsx
Criteria 231 Student Centric Methods.docx
Criteria 232 Use of Online Resources.docx
Criteria 233 Mentor Mentee.xlsx
Criteria 234 Preparation and Adherance to Teaching Plan.docx
Criteria 241 Average Percentage of Full Time Teachers.xlsx
Criteria 241a Full Time Teachers.xlsx
Criteria 242 Average FTT with Doctorate.xlsx
Criteria 243 Total Experience of Faculty.xlsx
Criteria 251 Days to Declaration of Results.xlsx
Criteria 252 Average Student Grievances.xlsx
Criteria 253 IT Integration in Examination.docx
Criteria 261 PO CO Communication.docx
Criteria 262 Attainment of PO PSO CO.docx
Criteria 263 Pass Percentage of Students.xlsx
Criteria 271 List of Students for SSS.xlsx

Criteria 212 Supporting Document

Criteria 212 Divyanga Reservation.pdf
Criteria 212-SD CEI Act 2006.pdf

Criteria 233 Supporting Document 

Criteria 233a Mentor Mentee Past 5 years data.xlsx
Criteria 233b Faculty Members Last 5 Years.xlsx
Email Menotrship Assignment 2016-17.pdf
Email Menotrship Assignment 2017-18.pdf
Email Menotrship Assignment 2018-19.pdf
Email Menotrship Assignment 2019-20.pdf
Email Menotrship Assignment 2020-21.pdf
Mentorship Manual.pdf