Criteria 4

Criteria 411 Infrastructure anf facilities for teaching.docx
Criteria 411a AICTE Norms for Physical Facilities.pdf
Criteria 412 Cultural Activities Indoor and Outdoor Games.docx
Criteria 412 Video of Classrooms etc.avi
Criteria 413 Percentage of Classrooms with ICT facilties.xlsx
Criteria 414 Percentage of Expenditure on Infra Excluding Salaries.xlsx
Criteria 421 Automation of Library.docx
Criteria 421a Libsys documents.pdf
Criteria 421b Libsys Screenshot.jpg
Criteria 422 Access to Electronic Library Resources.docx
Criteria 422a EBSCO Business Source Complete 2020.pdf
Criteria 422b EBSCO eBooks 2020.pdf
Criteria 422c Subscription to Journals.pdf
Criteria 422d Payment Receipt.pdf
Criteria 423 Library Expenditure.xlsx
Criteria 424 Library Usage.xlsx
Criteria 431 IT Infrastructure and Policy.docx
Criteria 431a IT Infrastructure Major Upgrades.docx
Criteria 432 Computer Student Ratio.docx
Criteria 432a Computer Details from Stock Register.pdf
Criteria 433 Bandwidth.docx
Criteria 433a Internet Payement-Sify.pdf
Criteria 434 EContent Development.xlsx
Criteria 441 Percentage of Expenditure on Physical and Academic Support Facilities.xlsx
Criteria 442 Maintainence of Campus.docx

Criteria 411 Geotagged Photos
Criteria 412 Geotagged Photos Gym

Criteria 424 Per Day Usage of Library

Faculty Entry Register May 2019- Mar2020.pdf
Faculty Entry Register Sep 2020 - Jun 2021.pdf
Library Users Entry Register.xlsx
User entry register for 2020 & 2021.pdf

Criteria Library

EBSCO JGATE 2016 2017.pdf
HBSP 2016 2017.pdf
Libsys documents.pdf
EBSCO 2017 2018.pdf
EBSCO JGATE 2017 2018.pdf
HBSP 2017 2018.pdf
J Gate 2017 2018.pdf
Libsys 2017 2018.pdf
Newspaper 2017-18.pdf
EBSCO database 2018 2019.pdf
HBSP 2018 2019.pdf
J Gate 2018 2019.pdf
Libsys 2018 2019.pdf
Newspaper 2018-19.pdf
EBSCO database 2019 2020.pdf
HBSP 2019 2020.pdf
J Gate 2019 2020.pdf
Libsys 2019 2020.pdf
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Turnitin 2019-20.pdf

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Libsys 20-21.pdf
Mc Graw Hill E book 2020 2021.pdf
New age international 2020 2021.pdf
Turnitin 20-21.pdf