Criteria 5

Criteria 511 and 512 Government and NGO Scholarships.xlsx
Criteria 511a Scholarship Policy Document.pdf
Criteria 511b Scholarship 2017-19.pdf
Criteria 511c Scholarship 2016-17.pdf
Criteria 513 Capacity Development and Skills Enhancements.docx
Criteria 513a Capacity Development Skills Enhancement.xlsx
Criteria 514 Guidance for Competetive and Career Counselling.xlsx
Criteria 515 Redressal of Student Grievances.docx
Criteria 515a Anti Ragging Policy.pdf
Criteria 515b Sexual Harrassment Policy.pdf
Criteria 515c Anti Ragging MOM 2019.pdf
Criteria 515d Anti Ragging MOM 2021.pdf
Criteria 515e Sexual Harrassment Reports and Invitations Documents.pdf
Criteria 521 Placements Percentage.xlsx
Criteria 521a Placements of Outgoing Students.xlsx
Criteria 521b Placement Report 2017.pdf
Criteria 521c Placement Report 2018.pdf
Criteria 521d Placement Report 2019.pdf
Criteria 521e Placement Report 2020.pdf
Criteria 521f Placement Report 2021.pdf
Criteria 522 Progression to Higher Education.xlsx
Criteria 523 Progression to Examination.xlsx
Criteria 531 Awards Medals etc.xlsx
Criteria 531a Awards Medals etc.xlsx
Criteria 532 Active Student Council and Representation in Committees.docx
Criteria 533 Sports and Cultural Events.xlsx
Criteria 533a Details of Sports and Cultural Events.xlsx
Criteria 541 Alumni Contribution.docx
Criteria 541 Alumni Financial Contribution.docx

Criteria 511 Scholarship Documents

Scholarship 2016-18.pdf
Scholarship 2017-19.pdf
Scholarship 2018-20.pdf
Scholarship 2019-21.pdf

Criteria 513 Hackathon Details

04-03-2016 SAP Consulting with IMI Bhubaneswar and NALCO.pdf
04-08-2019 SAP Reboot the Earth
11-03-2021 SAP Chatbot
23-08-2018 SAP Sheinnovates

Criteria 514 Supporting Docs

2016-17 Mock GD and PI Groups.pdf
2016-17 Mock GD and PI.pdf
2017-18 ClassMarker-Receipt-CM5909692-76678.pdf
2017-18 RFP.pdf
2018-19 Employability Counselling.pdf
2019-20 Employability Counselling.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_0.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_1.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_10.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_11.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_12.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_13.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_14.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_15.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_16.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_17.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_18.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_19.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_2.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_3.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_4.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_5.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_6.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_7.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_8.pdf
2020-21 MockGDPI_9.pdf
2020-21 Personality Development.pdf
2020-21a Employability Counselling.pdf
2020-21b Employability Counselling.pdf

Criteria 531 Certificates

Criteria 533 Sports and Cultural