Criteria 6

Criteria 611 Governance of Institute and Faculty Members.docx
Criteria 611a Office Order 2016.pdf
Criteria 611b Ammendment Office Order 2016.pdf
Criteria 611c Office Order October 2017.pdf
Criteria 611d Office Order 2018.pdf
Criteria 611e Office Order 2019.pdf
Criteria 611f Appointment of Deans April 2021.pdf
Criteria 611g Office Order April 2021.pdf
Criteria 612 Case Study Decentralised Governance.docx
Criteria 612 SOP 2014.pdf
Criteria 621 Strategic Perspective Plan.docx
Criteria 621a Committes.pdf
Criteria 621b APPROVAL NOTE Unsigned.pdf
Criteria 621c SOP 2014.pdf
Criteria 622 Functioning of Institue bodies.docx
Criteria 622a Service Rules.pdf
Criteria 622b SOP 2014.pdf
Criteria 623 ERP Etc.docx
Criteria 623a Administration ERP.jpg
Criteria 623b Finance ERP.jpg
Criteria 623c Admission ERP.jpg
Criteria 623d Programme ERP.jpg
Criteria 631 Welfare Measures for Teaching and Non Teaching.docx
Criteria 632 Average Percentage of Teachers provided with Financial Support.xlsx
Criteria 632a Faculty Development Expenditure Details.xlsx
Criteria 633 Professional Development ATI for Staff.xlsx
Criteria 633a AICTE FDP on Emotional Intellegence.pdf
Criteria 633b AICTE FDP on EI Grant Letter.pdf
Criteria 634 Teachers Undergoing Online F2F FDP.xlsx
Criteria 641 Internal and External Audit.docx
Criteria 641a Audit 2019-2020.pdf
Criteria 641b Audit 2018-19.pdf
Criteria 641c Audit 2017-18.pdf
Criteria 641d Audit 2016-17.pdf
Criteria 641e Audit 2015-16.pdf
Criteria 642 Funds Grants from NGO and other philanthrophies.txt
Criteria 643 Strategies for Mobilisation of Funds.docx
Criteria 651 IQAC contribution.docx
Criteria 652 Review of Teaching Learning Process.docx
Criteria 653 Quality Assurance Systems of IMIB.xlsx
Criteria 653a NIRF Ranking 2017.pdf
Criteria 653b NIRF Ranking 2018.pdf
Criteria 653c NIRF Ranking 2019.pdf
Criteria 653d USBES Certificate.pdf

Criteria 633 FDP MDP and SDP Brochures

FDP August 2020 Portfolio Analytics Using R.pdf
FDP December 2017 AICTE Multivariate Analysis.pdf
FDP December 2018 Financial Time Series in R.pdf
FDP January 2021 Financial Time Series in R.pdf
FDP June 2018 Using R for Research.pdf
FDP March 2018 Financial Time Series in R.pdf
FDP September 2019 Financial Time Series in R.pdf
STTP January 2021 I and II.pdf