Nikhil Pradhan
Student, PGDM 2015-17

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”
                                                                                                        -Oliver Holmes    

A usual day starts with a bright sunshine and ends with a soothing moonlight, what we have in between is what we call experience. I have a great tendency to expose myself to new heights, with greater enthusiasm, so that I can make most out of my experience.

After 4 years of graduation degree and 7 month job in a consultancy firm, I had arrived at IMI carrying a lot of expectations and ambitions for my future and from the very first day of orientation I got a glimpse of what I am going to become in next 2 years. I met guys with lot of experience, different backgrounds, and different places putting a realization that I was indeed doing my PGDM from a diversified institution.

It’s the very first time I would be staying in a college hostel and the funnier part being I belong to Bhubaneswar. Staying in hostel, being a part of group studies and of course some fun really put all pressure off my head.

IMI is very beautiful campus and a place many will fall in love with. In addition to that, or should I say the best part is faculty and their way to approach the students domain. In just 2-3 days they knew our names, taught us all dimension of PGDM that we will be acquiring in the coming academic sessions and of course prepare us for the battle.

To be honest the first week went like a day and when you say this, you mean it. The week taught us how and where to put your steps in the most valuable two years of your life.