Sabyasachi Basu
Student, PGDM 2015-17

It all started with smiling introduction. Approaching handshakes. Enthusiastic settlements. Unwanted preparations for a new life. Unknown lunch timings. Formal entries in log books. Formal dressing, legitimate registration, always missing documents, promises for late submission. But the day wasn't over. Making friends was still unfinished. Impaired singular people. Gathered. Looking out to start a fresh. Well there were snacks at evening to make everyone come downstairs. Consequently creating the opportunity to talk to each other. There it was with a little uncertainty we talked. We knew each other. The day wasn't over yet. The warden, our new Guardian, he knew what we needed. He told us to have a walk. To get over our boredom. Volleyball!!! Man, it was fun, even watching the game.

Next day it continued with an early shake. That made us get up from our very mandatory laziness. Up at 6. Breakfast at 8. Orientation from 10.30.

Believe me, I still wander what it literally was.

The whole week was tiring Orientation. Listening to SPEECHES by high profile business leaders. Photography of the Batch. But there was fun too. The “Icebreaking Exercises.” That was some fun! We were asked to do lot of stuff which were really crazy. Without going into further details. Let’s move on. The afternoon session was a wonderful class on how to present a Presentation in the best way. The day was maybe over. With our tiring physical condition and tasty snacks followed by warming up in Table Tennis and long discussion with new friends and a good dinner.

The next day started with something analytical something that being an Engineering background student started with a blank, Accounting. The next class was really a BANG! Marketing. I had no idea marketing can be so enthusiastic. The followings were more boring speeches by greatly placed corporate leaders, managers.  But the night was beyond wonderful. We, geeks of watching movie, were forced to see the great movie “The Beautiful Mind.” It was like asking the cat to steal milk. But with Managerial Perspective. I had no Idea what that is. But I enjoyed the movie. The movie continued late night. After it was over we talked about it almost till 12. That I remember.

It was Saturday.  Started with analytics. More Explicitly Mathematics. Then some technical stuff on Excel.  Then we had a formal discussion on review of the movie.

Followed by the most valuable thing that needs to be managed “TIME.”

Well fun wasn’t over yet. We had to go through Talent Hunt. We organized it together for the last consecutive three days. It was of course a great success. The poems, songs, dances, stories, personal experience. It was a real destructive proactive floor. Some of us were the best AUDIENCE too. Well it ended with a motivational and informational talk by our Director.

The dinner that day was informally AWSOME. From Director, Faculty, seniors, us having dinner together was really a great experience. Moreover the in-dinner talks. That made everyone not only close but also gave a place in heart and mind.

Well it’s obvious I can’t express all I felt. Words aren’t enough to express Feelings like these. But I did understand one thing. I’m going to have a home away from home. I’m going to have a family even this far away.