Alumni Testimonial

Siladitya Sahoo


"Glad that IMI happened to me"

Siladitya Sahoo

Assistant Manager - Corporate Marketing
(PGDM 2012-14)

“I came, I saw, I conquered- That's exactly how I feel at this moment! 

When I look back, all that I see is countless moments racing against each other to make me say that I have "lived it up" here. Glad that IMI happened to me. I'm even more glad for the reason that I have earned solid friends for life! Classes bunked yet lessons learnt. As we leave, I can see sulking faces in apprehension of the moment of truth when we part ways. I'd say it is just the end of an episode, beginning of another!”

The aforementioned words were quoted during my last days at International Management Institute, Bhubaneswar. The days that led me to Toyota Tsusho Insurance Broker India Pvt. Ltd. (TTIBI) as an Assistant Manager – Corporate Marketing. I hit the ground on the 1st of April and after 4 months at TTIBI. I realize that I have proved all my decisions taken in the past to be the right ones. The decision to quit my previous role as a Financial Analyst with Northern Trust Corporation, the decision to join IMI as an aspiring graduate, and the decision to take up the Marketing profile at TTIBI were very well taken. And what followed were the processes that led me to where I stand today. There could be two different approaches to your goal. Either you just do as the Romans do or you be a so-called rebel doing it your own way! I chose to be both. I did try to the best of my abilities to perform academically and ensured that I make the most of my last opportunity to be on campus, perhaps. Academics is definitely a pre-requisite to a successful job, but I believe one’s attitude, exposure, the ability to communicate, and the receptiveness to criticism and new ideas, are the pre-requisites of a successful career. I guess I have managed to filter the knowledge imparted by my respected faculty members, the worldly affair by my peers, and the rich experience of the industry honchos to the best of my interests.

Today, my role as a Marketing Manager needs to me interact more with external rather than internal stakeholders. It is practically impossible to have a predefined approach in dealing with clients, especially when you meet a new one each day. To be able to make them give a patient ear to our words, we need to think the way they do, atleast for that moment. I make them listen to me not by force but by the preparedness and presentability. I owe it all to my sub-conscious two-pronged approach for all those months at IMI. I owe it to my informed professors, my diverse set of worthy friends and my ever-encouraging family.

I am a proud product of IMI, my alma mater, and will remain so forever.