Alumni Testimonial

Shreya Jain

System Analyst, Qualcomm


From being an introvert and walking into the campus with a fear of competition, to becoming an extrovert and walking out of the campus with full confidence of competing anywhere, that's how IM Bhubaneswar changed my life. For my two years of campus life Clubs, Committees, Fests, Live Projects, Presentations, Tournaments, Case Study Discussions, and Competitive Events became an integral part of life at IMI B. I grabbed one of the best opportunities in a leading MNC and it has been more than a year here. Now, when I look back, I realize that all those skills learnt and an urge to take up a new skill anytime will always be inevitable throughout my career at various roles and organizations. Administrative staff, peers, and the faculty helped me to survive, succeed and shine in such a competitive environment at IM B. With well-designed infrastructure, pleasant locations and incredible facilities, I lived the two wonderful years of my life where I made innumerable memories for a lifetime. Thank you IMI B!