Alumni Testimonial

Aastha Bansal


"Winner at my workplace"

Aastha Bansal
Associate Research Manager
(PGDM 2012-14)

It really gets tough for me to even imagine my pleasure and success without IMI-Bhubaneswar, the place which has nourished me as an individual and helped me to fulfil my aspiration of experiencing and exploring life in every credible way. The first step towards my new journey of entering the Corporate World would not have been so easy without the incredible learning at IMI-Bhubaneswar. The knowledge acquired through books, beyond books, image building, confidence, grooming sessions, all these factors influenced my professional growth in a very positive and effective manner.

Today, I feel like a winner at my workplace. ‘Yes! I did it’ - feeling boosts me every time I accomplish a new task at my workplace. Like white colour contains all the colours of a spectrum, IMI-Bhubaneswar is the place which carries all the colours and essence of developing leaders for tomorrow’s world.  No wonder if more and more work is coming in my ways, thanks to IMI-Bhubaneswar for making me strong and confident welcoming challenges and seeing off them with accomplishments.

The assets that I have gained from here will always remind me of the moments I spent here with ‘fun and learn’ theme, also I am sure with the first step taken at IMI-Bhubaneswar, I will reach at the top of the stairs of success which is no doubt an endless journey and all the knowledge and experience acquired, I am encashing at my workplace in terms of appreciation, respect, self-confidence and above all self-satisfaction. What else a fresher like me will look for?

Today, I miss the beautiful campus with even beautiful souls and the memories so created will remain enchanted beyond any time frame.
My best wishes to everyone who has been associated with my memorable journey in the past 2 years.

I will always remain indebted towards IMI-Bhubaneswar for embedding all the colours of student life in an indelible corporate learning for me.