Mr. Subhransu S. Acharya
Deputy General Manager
SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India), Bhubaneswar

Mr. Subhransu S. Acharya, Deputy General Manager, SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India), Bhubaneswar, visited IMI Bhubaneswar on 23-01-2015, for guest talk with the students. He was invited for this talk by the institute’s Entrepreneurship Committee.

His thoughts regarding Entrepreneurship Were Very Motivating, encouraging anyone with the will, to create their own enterprise as it will also, in turn, develop the nation.

According to Mr. Acharya:

“The first and foremost thing one should possess to be an entrepreneur is “Unconditional Thinking”. Enterprise is a brain child of entrepreneur. Mother Teresa, in 1948, started as an angel investor with Rs. 5 and by the end of the century had presence in 125 countries.

Life gives opportunities, even when everything gets out of hand. There will be great challenges lined up, things getting delayed, but with patience anything can be achieved. One must never lose faith in one’s own self. Failures always give some insight.

Always Dream Big. Society needs both prosperity and peace. So, create wealth and create jobs for the society. “Be an Entrepreneur”.