Madhu Donka
Student, PGDM 2015-17

IMI one of the top branded B-Schools in our country, never thought I’ll get into one. It’s all choice and guidance that made me come here. It’s just two weeks and I’ve been in the campus and these 336 hours on the clock taught me a lot. This is my first time I am staying away from home for this long and I was wondering how about two years.

The day of my reporting, it’s the first time ever I had an ice-breaking activity. Still it makes me laugh when I think of the day. While getting introduced to the faculty members my senses were on the peaks; I felt delighted that I’m going to be taught by such personalities no less than a godfather. It’s the standard and quality of the management that made me think likewise.

Here comes my stay, hostel. The institution being surrounded by nature kept the climate cool. The rooms are spacious and each one gets a scenic view of the nature around. The taste of the food lowered me a bit, and yes I need to agree to a saying “Be a Roman when in Rome”. I’m here not just to know and learn but to experience the time. Well the good thing is I’m getting used to it.

My classmates, they are more than just friends now, hailing from different parts of the country. It is said that the culture in India changes every 20km, then how about 3,287,590 km sq. I’m enjoying it. I might have got depressed at times, but the seriousness and the enjoyment in this air puts me back on track & always earthed.

When I take a walk in the garden, the feel of the grass always reminds me of home and now I feel I’m home. Hope this journey of time at IMI yields me a good fruit which I can reap for the rest of my life.