Mr. Tamal Sarkar
MSME Clusters India

“Establishing an atmosphere of trust within a cluster is crucial for building a realistic action plan that will have backing from firms, service providers and support agencies” quoted Tamal Sarkar, Director, MSME Clusters India during his recent visit to IMI Bhubaneswar. Mr. Tamal has a D. Phil in the Economics of Cluster Development and also possess a rich experience of 20 years in industrial development.

Mr. Tamal during his deliverable focused on the importance cluster development had in the growth of the country. “A judicious selection framework based on a cluster’s importance helps to guarantee an effective and wide reaching impression in the overall cluster development program. At an advanced level, clusters have proved to be attractive to the regions hosting them. He also emphasized the need for MBA graduates to focus on cluster development as many of businesses are now focusing on rural areas. Cluster development will again help the graduates to know as to businesses function in rural areas. He also asked the students to hone their leadership skills as that goes a long way in making an able individual.