Decorative Architectural Structures - D Block

Decorative Architectural Structures - D Block

Item No.
Description of work

Quantity (approx) Unit Rate (Rs.)  Amount(Rs.)
1 Taking out cementitious boards from the m.s
structure carefully and stacking them at one location properly for reuse of the materials, complete as directed by office in-charge, (Rate should include all sorts of scaffholding/staging as necessary for work)

50 Sqm.    
2 Supply and fixing of m.s structures as per existing, Applying two coats of zinc chromate primer followed by two coat of synthetic enamel of ICI Dulux or approved equivalent make in selected shade/Shades as directed by office incharge.  (Rate should include all Decorative Architectural Structures , sorts of scaffholding/staging as necessary for work) 

77 Sqm.    
3 Re-fixing of cementitious boards, removed
under item no.1 to the steel structure fame properly in the new location followed by sealing gap/ holes with extirior quality weather proof putty, per existing system. (allow for making holes for new location.)

50 Sqm.    
4 Supplying 12.5mm  EVEREST / BISON or approved equivalent make cementitious boards to replenish the borken/damaged boards. The boards will be water, fire, termites resistant. Cost to include re-fixing, two coat of  of ICI Dulux wather shead paint or approved equivalent and will include galvanized fasteners with washers of adequate size, to be approved by office in-charge.

308 Sqm.