The Third Annual Convocation of the International Management Institute (IMI) Bhubaneswar was held at its campus on 16th October, 2015 in which Post Graduate Diplomas were conferred to the successful students of the 2013-15 batch.

Padma Shri Dr. Bakul Dholakia, the Director General of IMI addressed the august audience and conferred the Diplomas to the graduating batch. He congratulated the batch, the director, the faculty, the students and the staffs for their contribution towards the institution. He termed them as pillars of strength in making IMI a top B-School.

Honorable Director General advised the students to make things happen. He asked the students to make the correct choice and above all never to be fettered by failure. He coined the example of light at the end of the tunnel. He briefly explained as to how the two years at the B-School will always be locked in the memory lane. One thing which the director general stressed upon was to contribute back to the B-School and the society.