EXCEL Based Business Decision Models

DATE: 2nd-3rd September, 2013


The purpose of this workshop is to expose the participants to Excel as a decision tool. The operating and business managers today are continuously analyzing, summarizing and reporting lot of data. Working knowledge of Excel as a tool can prove to be immensely useful for such purposes. In this workshop we try to bring business decisions and computing abilities of excel together.  The participants will learn as to how Excel can be used as a tool to support business decisions.


Participants will get to understand how Excel can be used as powerful decision tool for effective decision making. This workshop is about harnessing the power of Microsoft Excel to analyze business problems and identify solutions, allowing participants to make sound decisions that, in today's fast-paced environment, can lead to a competitive business advantage. Participants gain the knowledge and hands-on skills required to exploit Excel's intermediate and advanced features.


Throughout this workshop, extensive hands-on exercises, performed under the guidance, provides with practical experience using Excel, including:

Analyzing data to find patterns
Doing Sensitivity Analysis using IT Tools
Performing statistical and financial calculations
Reducing speculation with "what-if" analysis
Projecting business trends
Creating interactive data reports with Pivot Tables
Evaluating Investments Decisions using IT Tools & Techniques
Evaluating Sales and Marketing Decisions using OLAP techniques
Evaluating Project Investments Decisions
Doing Manpower Planning using optimization tools
Determining the Optimal Product Mix


Senior/Middle Level Managers from across functions from private and public sector organizations.


Prof. Ramesh Behl. (click here for complete profile)


Non residential: Rs. 10,000 + Service Tax
Residential:      Rs. 15,000 + Service Tax