Experience of a lifetime

Jillam Parida
Management Trainee, Havells India Ltd, Bangalore
PGDM 2012-14

If you walk down quietly on the road connecting Gothapatana to IMI in the afternoon, and look around, you will see the sculptures on the wall of the academic block that represent the ancient culture of Odisha. The lawn, the cricket  field, a glimpse of the MDP block.... make you feel if these are welcoming you.

I recall the hand-outs outlining the details of classes, guest sessions, the assignments given to us when we first came to the institute, the craziest DJ parties, the outdoor tours and many academic and cultural activities. The lack of sleep, hectic life and never ending assignments, quizzes and deadlines never seemed to leave us. Sometimes late at night, just before dawn, walking in the campus after finishing our assignments or a party, the subdued beauty of the campus ... the roads lit up by those small white lamps, the red coloured sculptures on buildings glowing in moonlight, sprawling gardens, make your heart feel light and filled with joy. If you are from a metro, chances are you have never seen so many stars together in the sky.

International Management Institute (IMI), Bhubaneswar is not about its lack of sleep or hectic schedule, it is about this captivating campus and the industry of the people which makes it work. Before joining IMI, I was working at Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd. The decision of joining a comparatively new institute was not easy when you have certain amount of work experience, but today when I look back, I feel proud that I am an alumni of IMI, Bhubaneswar.