FDP on Case Method of Teaching & Writing

DATE: 5th-7th December, 2013


The above Programme will help the faculty members to not only sharpen their case teaching skills but also to inculcate the habit of case writing.     


This Faculty Development Programme will help the participants in answering the following questions:

How to prepare with a case?
Are cases functional or cross functional?
What should be the right size of the case?
Are only Harvard cases the ones to be taught in the class?
Is there a relationship between student quality and case execution?
How many days students should be given for case preparation?
How to prepare reading materials to support the case?
How to prepare course outline with a case orientation?
How to inculcate the habit of case preparation?
How the students will prepare the case write up?
How to track and evaluate student performance during the case execution?
How to prepare the board plan?
How to conduct a case discussion?
How to analyze a case?
How to conclude the case in alignment with the session objectives?
How to give the case feedback to the students?
How to conduct after class discussion with the students regarding the case?


Different areas of Management like Business Policy and Strategy, Marketing, Finance & Human Resource Management.


Faculty Members, Research Scholars and Corporate Executives


Prof. D.D.Swain. (click here for complete profile)


Non residential: Rs. 15,000 + Service Tax
Residential:      Rs. 22,500 + Service Tax