Priyabrata Biswal
Student, PGDM 2015-17

“Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted.” My first week at IMI Bhubaneswar was certainly the experience that I had never dreamed before. It was one of the most exciting and overwhelming experience with some mix breed of fresher’s and experienced friends from across the country. It’s a journey of mine from corporate world to back again to studies, which I had aimed from the last few years. On 9th June 2015 I was excited, yet bit nervous as this was the day when I would start my journey.

I reached IMI on 9th June around 6 30 PM, and I was very excited to see the beautiful campus. I was allotted my Room Number and then I shifted my luggages and settled down. I knew my roommate before as he was my friend from my BTech tenure. Then I along with my parents took a stroll around the campus and we saw each and every block. I became a bit emotional as the time had come to say bye to my parents and this was the first time of my hostel life.  In the night time I met with some new friends with whom I had been in touch during the interview processes. We chit chatted and went to the MDP building and played snooker for some time. Then we came back and had our dinner. On my first day I met with some lovely friends Smriti, Babu, Sanjeev, Sipun and Angad. As it was a new place I slept late at night because of excitement.

On 10th June we had registration at 3PM, and I met with all my friends at the classroom and we came to know with each other. The Journey had already began and it was something which I had never felt before.

Journey of first week 11-17th June 2015

The ambience was very energetic and vibrant as each one of us had a mission, vision and goal. The environment was terrific and it sounded like one of the Best B-school, in fact I felt something Hollywood as the name itself is International and it sets the same way as I had dreamt about the college before.

On the Inaugural day, the classroom was awesome as we had name plates in front of our desk I felt like an executive. We just felt dynamic because of the overwhelming speech of our Director Sir Prof. Ramesh Behl. We had beautiful business games which was new and I felt energetic and very happy. The on-line submission of attendance was something new to us and we found that interesting. After talks from corporate executives we are pumped up and in the evening time we played volley ball followed by a high quality dinner. In the first day itself I met with all of the 45 students who were new to the campus and I felt this was the life which will set my purpose and aim. We had started a laughter session after the dinner, we invited our seniors and had a discussion with them about the college, academics, exams patterns, case Analysis, placement process, different clubs /committee and activities. From the first go, we made a good wrappo with our seniors. We used to sit in the campus, play different games chit chats and talk about our experiences up to 3 AM. Then came the most exciting part-Cultural night, we prepared around 2AM and thought to dance, we had lots of fun in our floor and excited to present ourselves as this was the first event we were going to present in a B-school. Lots of groups were formed and we all were so excited that we just loved this culture.

In the evening all groups performed very well in the presence of our Director Sir, Faculty and guests.

Lots of ideas, thoughts and experiences were shared among the participants followed by dance, singing and acts. We were welcomed by a high tea and dinner. Our hostel warden was so lovable that we shared our problems with him.

My experience of First week at IMI was like a heaven. Thanks to all the staffs of IMI. They have supported in each and everything. Thanks to our IT team for solving our Computer problems in a short span of time. Thanks to the program office for providing information and our schedule of classes beforehand to our respective ideas. Special Thanks to the Chefs over here for providing good food in the respective time slots. We enjoyed a lot and from the first day itself each one has a bonding with each other and we are living like a family and I hope we will continue this in our future and we will show our skills and talents in every field and will take IMI to a new heights.

New Life, New rules, New friends, New environment, New culture, New passion, New goal, New Aim – International Management Institute, Bhubaneswar.