Priyanka Dhal
Student, PGDM 2015-17

My first week at IMI was a mixed feelings of joy and chaos. Since I have already spent 4 years of my life in hostel, it was not a matter of much concern. As I belong from engineering background, I had lots of questions and dilemma in my mind! Would I be able to do this course, am I pursuing in correct field?

Finally one fine day it was the start of new life at IMI. The college succeeded in creating its very first impress with its beautiful infrastructure and very co-operative staff. Hence my parents were relived after that. Being far away from home for the first time was little painful as normally we take time to mix up with people around us, but this was opposite in my case. Since for the very first time I found bunch of great people and for us it took few minutes to become friends. In the short but challenging journey of first week they were the one who stood by my side in all ups and downs. Although we all are from different backgrounds but we all tried our best to blend into students of one single class that is G4 (our classroom).

Story of G4 will be untold if I didn’t include our faculty members. Somehow this was the biggest fear I had, would I be able to learn properly or being management teachers will they be ready to answer my silly doubts. I never found dedicated faculty members like them. Definitely without any doubt they are the one who would mould us into correct shape.

First week at IMI went on with getting introduced to everyone. We had few interesting fun sessions with one week orientation which included numbers of guest’s lectures and discussions. IMI brought a difference in our lives in many ways, and with coming time I wish to make few good memories.