It was a perfect morning, as student of IMI were all set to celebrate raahgiri day with a cool morning breeze welcoming everyone. The chirping of the birds created a lively sensation in everybody hearts. People from all walks of life had gathered at Jan path to celebrate raahgiri day. Travelers passing through Jan Path were treated to a surprise performance from students of INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE Bhubaneswar. It all started with an amazing performance of our female volunteers joined later by our male volunteers. The performance showcased perfect mix of passion and vibrancy. There were three rehearsals before the impressive performance.

A huge crowd soon gathered from the railings to catch a glimpse of the entertaining performance. Seeing this appreciation and enthusiasm the performance reached new energy level. The crowd could certainly enjoy as the troupe lowered to their knees and raised their hands in the air, singing out the lyrics” hum a naye andaaz kyu ho purana.

They just not won appreciation but also a lot of hearts. After they finish, everyone around chanting “once more, once more”.

They came-They surprised everyone-They received appreciation-They won the hearts-They managed it perfectly. It was certainly one of the nicest performances in recent times and IMIGHTS once again proved their mettle.