Kriti Kumar
Management Trainee - HR
First Source

I have evolved not only professionally but also personally, my journey from campus to corporate made me a matured person who can take decisions and stay independent.

IMI has changed the way I used to view things previously. My mind set has broadened as well as the depth of knowledge that I have gained from this institute is helping to do my current work in much easier manner. It is truly said that bookish knowledge is useless once you enter corporate but the learning’s that I have got outside classroom in various committees that I was a part of made a huge difference. Also there were several things that my professors taught me, apart from the subject knowledge their one to one grooming sessions, identifying my strengths and weaknesses and also motivation to never give up.

It’s been 3 months that I am working in employee engagement team where we have to manage both people and numbers. IMI has taught me to be a multi taster and completing the things well on time.

I just want to thank IMI for making me what I am today, my career has started with the profile I always wanted to be in and this was possible only because IMI has shown trust in me.