Himan Mohapatra
Student, PGDM 2015-17

Plagued with excitement, anxiety and enthusiasm I walked into the G4 classroom where our orientation program was scheduled. The day before, I had joined the IMI fraternity, in pursue of a career in management. Since my high school I had dreamt of joining MBA and no more was it covert that IMI was my resort.  It didn’t disappoint me on first glace, an aesthetic campus with elegant structures roaring down from the top. Not only the infrastructure, the B-school had all kinds of stuff that I have ever wanted. Surrounded by green pastures the campus indeed was exhilarating.

It took me hours to settle down, AapkaInventory for assisted with the accessories that are going to be with me for coming two years.  My parents accompanied me, although a native, it was tough saying good-bye. However the yearning didn’t last for long as I got to interact with people from all over India. They were from different backgrounds and some of them had work experience of up to 5 years. Making new friends had always been challenging for me but to my surprise it was effortless here as people gelled up quite easily here, thanks to the ice-breaking sessions, I ascertained that I had wonderful company for the two years. I got to enjoy a lot with them especially while playing games like volley and cricket.

I was a little apprehensive in initially, because every successful institution’s strength lies in its faculty and I still had to meet them and the orientation program scheduled for 7 days was the best chance to know them better. It started off with an inspiring speech from the director, and I immediately realized that I had to toil a lot to reach his level of expertise. The teaching faculty was introduced to us subsequently and my apprehension started to drop. It was only a matter of time that I was completely relaxed. All the lectures were interactive and I got to know that highly experienced teachers from all backgrounds including corporate and educational sector were excellent at their profession. The subjects although new to me made a lot of sense, as the mode of teaching was creative and comprehensive. The orientation also exposed us to some of the prominent corporate leaders of the country and they not only inspired us but also showed us the way to achieve our goals by managing ourselves.  They took us through the corporate world and made us realize that anything is possible to achieve.  Every thing I heard from the orientation was intriguing and I had a clear idea about what lied in front of me.  I was starting to wonder whether I would be able to compete in such a demanding and competitive environment but one thing was sure, IMI-B is the right choice.