Organisations are invited to nominate participants from their organisations on the open-enrolment programmes and also to contact our MDP and Consultancy office for any specific programme that they may

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International Management Institute (IMI) conducts a wide range of Management Development Programmes in various functional and cross-functional areas of management. These MDPs are designed with an appropriate blend of conceptual knowledge and experiential learning to germinate, grow and harvest the leadership and managerial competences of participants in the contemporary and emerging business context. The programmes conducted are always issue-focus and outcome centric. The endeavour is to ensure that the development programmes lead to tangible benefits for the participating organisations.

Our programmes are aimed at developing the necessary competence, inculcating and building the mindset that can help participants to think strategically, innovate as and when required, focus on excellence thereby transforming organisations into wealth creating entities for the stakeholders in the private, public, government, social or non-governmental sectors. Most of the programmes we offer are focussed at middle, senior and top management executives. IMI has excellent academic partners in Europe (ESCP Europe at their five campuses at Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid and Turin; SDA Bocconi Milan, Italy; ESSEC Business School, Paris, France; Nyenrode Business University, Netherlands; Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, etc.) and other parts of the world and is equipped to develop and deliver programmes that are aimed at providing for high quality global exposure also.

IMI conducts programmes in two broad formats:

  •  Open Enrolment programmes
  •  In-Company programmes

Open-Enrolment Programmes

Open enrolments programmes are offered by the faculty of the institute and are open to participation from any organisation. The duration of such programmes can be from three days to three weeks. The aim of these programmes is to address subjects of immediate relevance and importance to the executives. The intention is to help organisations build the competence and mindsets that can help them perform and add value to the activities of the organisation in an efficient and effective manner. Some of the programmes are on topics of emerging importance and are thus helpful in pre-emptively preparing managers for the future. These programmes are announced on an annual basis through the open-enrolment MDP calendar. There have been instances when some of these open-enrolment programmes have been conducted for specific organisations also. Some of the open enrolment programmes are blockbuster programmes for IMI as they have been consistently successful and received outstanding feedback from the participants. One of these programmes is the ‘Global Leadership Programme’ of eighteen days duration and is conducted in India and different locations of Europe. The programme is now more than a decade old and is conducted every year in June-July. The other programme is the ‘AMP for Indian Banking Sector’. This programme is now in its tenth edition and nominations are from RBI and other scheduled commercial banks. This year IMI has announced a series of other new open enrolment programmes and are hopeful to deliver a similar performance on these as well.

In-Company Programmes

IMI conducts management development programmes for executives from specific organisations. These programmes are conducted in line with the development needs of the organisation. These programmes happen for executives at different levels of the organisation. We have an expertise in conducting programmes for middle, senior and top management executives. These would involve programmes for middle- level managers to Directors of companies. Such programmes involve extensive study of the client organization, preparation of specific learning materials and cases towards the development of a customized course design to suit the needs of each organization. Some of the sectors for whom we have been doing extensive work on in-company programmes are Banking, Energy, Infrastructure, Engineering Services, Steel, Fertilisers to name a few.

Organisations are invited to nominate participants from their organisations on the open-enrolment programmes and also to contact our MDP and Consultancy office for any specific programme that they may desire to develop for their organisation.