In the RUN to be the BEST and beat the REST

Pratik Rath
Management Trainee - Corporate Marketing
Toyota Tsusho Insurance Broker India Pvt. Ltd. (TTIBI)

From day ZERO we are all been told to run. Run in life to be the best, to beat the rest. And we all started running, never realizing, whether we wanted to run in the direction prescribed by our “well-wishers” or not. And by the time most of us realize it all would be too late to come back. They always said follow your passion, but the passion is what is needed to be found out.

When I came to IMI, I was still finding my passion, passion that suits me and my personality. And what IMI gave me was absolutely that. It gave me exposure to whole new avenues that were unexplored. It opened up the world, the over-hyped “the corporate world” to me. The best part was, it made me change my thought process. As a fresher, I always thought playing in one’s strong zone is always the best bet, well that’s true but I discounted the very fact about one’s weaker aspects. IMI made me face the challenges head-on. May it be the faculty members, may it be the seniors, may it be anyone, everyone I met told the exact same thing to improve the so called weak facets and fine tune the stronger ones. With knowledge that I was gathering in bulk from my two year stay, I was able to move in that regard to a larger extent and I believe that I have grown a lot, fine-tuned myself a lot and fulfilled the purpose of Management Studies. As once said to me “MBA is nothing but acquiring a Common Business Sense”, well now I can add a bit more to it, it’s also refining one’s “Common Sense”. Once, my professor gave an assignment to us, it was about finding a relationship between IMI and yourself and finding what IMI has been to you. My answer was “change”. Apart from gaining a ton in studies and skillsets, it changed me, my perspective, refined my thought process and made me more capable than ever. Well, it was not just because of faculty members, but also the life-time friends that I made over there. It was not only in class-rooms but also in corridors, gym, playing-field, dinner-table, and almost everywhere. The beauty of Student-Driven Campus is that learning from experiencing increases and in the corporate world, when we actually do it, it doesn’t seem new anymore.

It has been more than 4 months since I joined Toyota Tsusho Insurance Broker India Pvt. Ltd. (TTIBI) as a Management Trainee-Corporate Marketing and I think the decisions that I took in the past, the changes that happened to me during the stint with IMI were right and can lead me to only one way and that’s forward. As a part of Corporate Marketing Team, I interact with lot of different people and all of them have demands, which makes us difficult to follow a set of guidelines. They products and services need to be tweaked, tweaked in a manner the Client understands and more importantly likes. We, at TTIBI, like developing a long term relationship with a Client, and for that we need to understand the Client, learn about his concerns and accordingly customize our service offerings. And for this, I give credit to IMI, which not only made me capable to understand each Client’s unique need but also enabled me to address their concerns with my set of presentable solutions.

And today, here am I, owing everything to my respected faculty members, to my ever-vibrant friends and to my supportive family. I am proud with what I have done till now and that was only possible because IMI is my alma mater.