Service aces, assists, digs, blocks and skills. There was volleyball jargon and enthusiasm flying on the day of Inter- College Volleyball match. The match was held between IMI Bhubaneswar and Bimtech Bhubaneswar. With the strike of 7 P.M in evening, the volleyball court saw all players ready to display their skills and passion. There was also a cheerful audience to cheer the players. The energy displayed by players of both the institutes was remarkable. It kept on pulling the crowd towards the intense match. The players were completely engulfed in playing.

On the other hand audience was no less attentive towards the game. Every hit, was backed by applauses. Whenever ball was missed on either side, it made even audience despair over it. Both the colleges had well experienced players. The game kept audience involved till the end. There were 3 sets of match.  Bimtech won the exciting contest with a final score of 2-1. It ended on high note with a speech stressing upon the importance of healthy matches and sportsman spirit. Refreshments were served after the match. The event was a success in every respect. It was a great experience for the payers of both the colleges and other students in audience.