Sportscomm (The Sports Committee) at IMI Bhubaneswar kicked off with the much awaited Intra IMI sports festival on 21st November, 2015. The theme was “Play Fair, Play Hard”. The sports festival saw volleyball, cricket, chess, table tennis, football and many other. As always the Sportscomm members had put in a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make the event a big success. Not to mention the commendable sports enthusiasts that braved the sun, dust to cheer their mates.

The sports festival kicked off with volleyball which saw 4 teams fighting out for the honors. The action then shifted to the cricket field which saw a close contest between the two evenly matched teams. Indoor sports started with chess and table tennis being played across a period of two days. The intra sports festival came to a close with football being played on the last day.

The sports festival went hand in hand with the theme “Play Fair, Play Hard”. There were emotions, celebrations, some heart breaks but above all respect for the opponents. The event developed a sense of unity among individuals. We bid goodbye, convinced that the 2nd installment will bring more joy to the  game and to the spirit of IMI.